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Fish, Scones and Patty Melts


The Eastern Sierra Nevada is a mecca for skiing in the winter, and fishing in the summer. I've been traveling up here along Highway 395 for nearly a half century, and this is the place where I've spent my summers. Just head west on Line Street in the center of Bishop (population 4,000), and drive the twenty miles up scenic valleys through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada,until you reach Lake Sabrina. The fishing is great, and the patty melt was sold to me as the best in California.


For about five bucks it's a nice mix of meat, grilled onions, and melted cheese on toasted Rye. Served in a dining room with a view of snow covered Sierra Peaks, this is definitely one of the most scenic dining spots in the state.


Moving back down to town, stop by the Kava Cafe, a cyber bar with internet connections, and a reputation for the best scones in town. You'll find it at 206 North Main Street. Mrs. Eater and I tried a couple, and indeed, these scones are moist, slightly sweet, great crunchy texture, with a dab of strawberry or blueberry in the center, and overall a scone that's not only the best in Bishop, but likely the best in the entire Eastern Sierra Nevada.

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  • City: Bishop
  • Name: Bishop Cuisine
  • Address: Bishop California