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Twenty-five and Going Strong - The Pancake House


Food When I want a great breakfast, where the juice is always fresh squeezed, where they serve real cream with the coffee, real whipped cream with the waffles, and where the pancakes are nothing short of amazing, then the Original Pancake House is the place I go. And that sort of surprises me, because with over ninety locations across the United States, you’d think the chain mentality of mass produced mediocre food would be unavoidable. But somehow this company manages to churn out tons of creative morning meals that are just as good as when I first tried them out nearly twenty years ago.

The Pancake House is more than just high quality food, with some of the most exotic pancakes in my career. The Apple is a huge creation, actually more of a cream puff, oven baked and made with fresh apples and cinnamon glaze. This steamy creation collapses with the first fork full, into a steamy, doughy, absolutely delicious meal.

FoodAnother favorite is the Swedish pancakes, made paper thin and served with lingonberrys that give a delightful tart flavor to the meal.

 Mrs. Eater always goes for the potato pancakes served with sour cream and apple sauce. Most of the pancakes are six to seven bucks, with the giant apple pancake eight fifty, at the Original Pancake House. A quarter century old, and just as good as ever.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 858-565-1740
  • Name: The Original Pancake House
  • Address: 3906 Convoy Street