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Possibly the Best Fast Food


Food Mrs. Eater and I head for Mammoth this time of year, and along the way there's an essential stop just after we head north on Highway 395 off the Highway 15 junction. Bravo Burger in the small town of Adelanto is a little gem of a restaurant serving what may be the best fast food of my career.

{C} The menu is amazing, with not just burgers, but Mexican food, breakfast omelettes, salads, sandwiches, even pork chops, ribs, and steaks for dinner. With so much to choose from, I've barely scaped the Bravo surface, but that surface has been outstanding.

Food The Colossal Burger has a half pound of meat, topped with Pastrami of all things. Covered with fixings, and topped with Thousand Island dressing. This massive creation is oozing with juices and flavor, and just four bucks. The Club Sandwich is another wonder, extremely generous portion of turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and mayo. Served with fries it's about six bucks and top notch fast food. The Mexican food is first rate as well, with the chicken burrito grilled, and served with an outrageously good homemade salsa on the side. The also offer "wet" burritos, with enchelada sauce poured over it, but skip this dollar thirty five extra, it doesn't add a thing to the flavor. On Friday's there's a special called the California. For about six bucks you get a huge portion of grilled pastrami on rye, with sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. This huge messy creation should never be eaten in any car unless you want to arrive at your destination covered with grease and dressing, but it's definately a great example of the excellent fast food at Bravo Burger

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  • City: Adelanto
  • Phone: 760-246-4813
  • Name: Bravo Burgers
  • Address: 16880 Sportman Center Dr.