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Sea Food Extraveganza

FoodThere's something about almost any buffet that gets my motor running, but make that an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, and you'd better stand back. Todai was one of the first of a relative sunamai of Japanese style seafood buffets about five years ago. Today, Todai, for about twenty two dollars, delivers a decent spread of everything from sushi, to crab legs, some decent hot entrees, and even spiny lobsters.

FoodAnd the statistics are nearly overwhelming. Forty five kinds of sushi, eighteen hot entrees, twenty salads, scallops in the shell and cold snow crab legs.

The lobster is not all its crack up to be, with fairly small lobsters served with a bland creamy sauce. At first I thought the lobster was stuffed with claw meat, but it turned out to be a hunk of imitation crab. Better are the scallops, also with a cream sauce, but this one with a delightful spice kick to it. The green lip mussels were a delight, and the sushi is made fresh all evening, with the spicy tuna roll my favorite.

Food The fried shrimp were decent, and the snow crab legs generous and genuinely delicious...although they could have used some warm butter for dipping. But, all considered, Todai may not be gourmet, but it is an extemely entertaining meal with enough highlights to keep me coming back

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-299-8996
  • Name: Todai
  • Address: 2828 Camino Del Rio South