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John and Sally's Free Hot Dogs

Well, this eater found a treasure at the beach. Located every few feet along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach at various times of the day, John and Sally - late of Canton Ohio - offer free hot dogs sometimes with a bun. The hot dogs are made by both Hormel and Boarshead meats and the bread is generally preformed into hot dog shape, in both white and wheat. Rye is available if you wish to form the baked flour product around the tube steak yourself.

Sometimes mustard is available, depending on the number of visitors that come by to dine and also have it in their picnic baskets. Ketsup and relish, however, are harder to come by. “We just ask and most people have one or the other, but not both, “said John. Sally added, “but we don’t care, so long as people don’t mind eating the Dirty Water Dogs we have on hand, then it doesn’t really matter.”

When I first arrived, I was treated to the last drink of a warm coke and some left over pizza from the night before. “You know,” Sally told me, “we didn’t know all the business in town would be closed today - even where people eat!” When asked if that meant the restaurants, she said “yeah, those, too. Imagine that.”

After a large family from New York arrived and shared some of their load of knockwurst, John and Sally could start giving away more of their wares. Forbidden from selling them as all business in town had been closed for a few hours already, no one seemed to have a problem.

It’s hard to say how long this particular San Diego fare will be available, but if you can find them along the beach, I would highly recommend you ask for the daily special, whatever that is.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: None
  • Name: Special April Issue
  • Address: Pacific Beach