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Fire Breather and Fast Food


FoodWhenever Mrs. Eater and I go to Costco in Mission Valley, we always have the burning issue: Will it be the buck fifty hot dog at Costco, or one of the six or so other diners in the center.

As often as not, we hit the Dragon, for its top notch warming tray Chinese, and its wall of tea. For a little over five bucks, two huge portions of occasionally excellent chinese cuisine is loaded onto a styrofoam plate.

FoodThe black bean chicken is a regular, with lightly spiced fragrant, just flat out delicious flavor. Other selections, such at the Broccoli Beef and the Kung Pao Chicken don't quite excel, but are nice for the price. The other attraction of Dragon is the Tea House. On one side of the restaurant, a wall is filled with every tea from Oolong, Lichee, Green, Ynnan Bo Nay, and Ginseng. About thirty different variations are sold by the Bag or loose, and about ten are brewed and ready to drink. Prices range from one to two bucks, depending on the tea and the size of the serving, but all of them add up to that delightful fast food experience at the Dragon.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-281-2198
  • Name: Dragon
  • Address: 2169 Fenton Parkway