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Longboard's: Casual Beach Bar in Pacific Beach

RT's Longboard Grill
Photo courtesy outnpb

Built in 1999 as an homage to lifeguard and pilot Ron Trenton, who disappeared in 1997, this casual beach bar and restaurant delivers great food and drinks for people looking to have a laid-back experience in Pacific Beach.

While this bar and restaurant is located farther away from the beach on Garnet Ave, the inside would convince you otherwise. From the open patio outside to the palm thatched entrance, you feel like you've just walked in straight from the beach. Numerous surfboards, tiki heads, and old surfer photos are scattered over the walls, and grass umbrellas cover the tables in the middle of the restaurant. The casual island theme also dominates the menu, which includes items such as burgers, nachos, and fish tacos. Most items are priced reasonably, with the 1/2 lb. "Heartstopper" burger at $6.95 and the enormous platter of nachos for $7.95. They don't lie when they say the nachos are "HUGE". (They're also really tasty...try them with the chicken)

Possibly the best feature of RT's Longboard Grill is the stage at the left of the establishment, where they have an open mic night Thursdays, and live music can be heard on weekends. On Sunday nights, the reggae band "The Devastators" plays originals and cover classic reggae music. With Red Stripe beers only $2.50 and great reggae music playing live, Sunday nights are usually packed with college-age and laid back older people playing pool, dancing, and hanging out. It seems that people are less concerned with their appearance (most people arrive in flip-flops) and more concerned with just having a good time with friends.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 858-270-4030
  • Name: RT's Longboard Grill
  • Address: 1466 Garnet Avenue