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Lounging at Thin

Thin - San Diego Gaslamp
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If you’re looking for a huge venue with DJ’s spinning loud music on three dance floors...don’t come to Thin. In fact, dancing is prohibited in this lounge. When Onyx owner Greg Strangman wanted a chill place to drink with his friends, he decided to add Thin upstairs as a lounge strictly for socializing. The focus of the lounge is to facilitate conversation and mingling through mellow background music and an interesting, colorful environment. On Friday and Saturday nights, the $10 cover will get you into both Onyx and Thin, which complement each other nicely.

And don’t be confused by the name. Thin is not a requirement for the clientele, but rather a description of the space the lounge occupies. The long, narrow area of the lounge is filled by a fully stocked bar, leather couches for sitting, and a 50-person VIP area named “The Playroom”. This seems to be a fitting name, with comfortable rockers and ottomans surrounding a fuzzy, orange shag rug.

The simple exterior of Thin is a stark contrast to the interior, which is reminiscent of an upscale, extravagant IKEA room. As you enter, oversized Braille dominoes spell out THIN on the hallway wall to your right. Further down, huge backlit enlargements of colorfully stained organic cells are hung on the wall. The benches in the center of the lounge, as well as the stainless steel barstools, have a modern, futuristic look. Although at first glance it may look uncomfortable, the furniture is surprisingly cozy.

The main focal point of the lounge is the bar, where bottles of alcohol are neatly arranged on the back wall, and "light boxes" (semi-opaque plastic boxes containing fiber-optic cables) pulsate with muted white, green, blue and pink lights above the bar’s stainless steel counter. The bar is stocked with only premium top-shelf liquor, which includes well drinks, as well as Coppola wine and a good selection of beer both on tap and in bottles. The specialty drink list is extensive; for $9, you can order a Pom-argarita (Tres Generacions tequila, Cointreau, pomegranate juice and lime), a Blueberry Mojito, or a Thin Mint (Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Liquor and White Crème de Menthe), to name a few.

Though the terms “modern” and “stylish” often imply stiff and uncomfortable, this does not apply to Thin. Although the surroundings are profound, the atmosphere is comfortable, a perfect place to hang out with your friends.

While Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest, Thin also hosts events on the weekdays that are worth investigating. On Wednesday nights, CinemaSocial presents collections of indie flicks on the projector screen inside Thin and on surrounding plasma screen TV’s.

The event is free and there are Skyy Vodka specials: $4 for a vodka drink, and $6 for a vodka martini. One recent showing of CinemaSocial contained several short films that were presented at the San Diego Film Festival this year, including The 17th Man by Yimeng Jin, White Like Me by Gregory Fitzsimmons, and Natural Selection by Scott Leberecht. With the stellar presentation of films, drink specials, and no cover for the event, CinemaSocial is one way to have a fun evening out in Downtown San Diego for cheap.

The ambiance in Thin makes the lounge perfect for a first date, or just socializing with friends and meeting new people. For a relaxing night out in a unique lounge with excellent drinks, consider Thin.


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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619.231.PLAY
  • Name: Thin
  • Address: 852 5th Ave.