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El Indio

The Outside of El Indio
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The El Indio Mission Statement: “El Indio is not a fast food restaurant. Since 1940, we have, and continue to serve San Diego fresh, quality, abundant Mexican food at reasonable prices as quickly as possible.”

Located on India Street, El Indio Mexican Restaurant began as a small tortilla shop in 1940, and has since moved locations and expanded to become a local favorite. In fact, El Indio has generated so much business over the years, the restaurant has their own parking lot across the street.

Dining In El Indio
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Next to the parking lot, several umbrellas provide shade to picnic benches for customers to enjoy the beautiful San Diego sunshine while eating their lunch. The inside of El Indio has less than a dozen tables and a small counter for customers.

Upon entering, you can expect to wait anywhere from five minutes to a half hour, maybe more if you visit during lunchtime, where the line can stretch around the inside and out the door. The plastic-lettered menu overhead displays the selection of items, from the standard fare of burritos and nachos to authentic homemade tamales and world famous tortilla chips. While the chips may be world famous, the chimichangas are a local delicacy. Perfectly seasoned shredded beef or chicken is mixed with melting cheese and refried beans and then encased in a crispy, golden brown tortilla, which has been deep fried. Served with sour cream and homemade guacamole, each bite literally melts in your mouth. The chimichangas are a great deal at $5.53 and will keep you full until dinner and well beyond. For lighter eaters, they also make a miniature version for $3.50.

For eaters on the run, El Indio offers all of their food to-go, as well as a stocked counter of heat and serve items such as enchiladas and tamales. El Indio also offers catering services; for more information, please visit www.elindiocatering.com.

With an extensive menu filled with authentic Sonoran specialties, it’s no wonder El Indio Mexican Restaurant has been a local fixture for over 60 years. So next time you’re thinking of having Mexican food, venture a little outside Old Town for some of the best food in San Diego.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: (619) 299-0333
  • Name: El Indio
  • Address: 3695 India Street