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Photo courtesy of Monsoon

Selected by San Diego Magazine as “San Diego’s Finest Indian Restaurant,” Monsoon lives up to the proclamation. Nestled in the inviting Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego, the pleasant ambience of the restaurant is culturally filtered with Indian style décor, just enough to enhance your dining experience of Mideastern cuisine.

At a recent luncheon visit, my party and I were greeted by a friendly hostess who quickly escorted us to the table of our choice-the patio area on bustling 4th avenue, highly recommended for the usual beautiful San Diego afternoon. It made for a perfect atmosphere while watching the downtown move about its day.

The wine list was more than acceptable (it was a Saturday so wine at lunch is always allowed) and their menu offered numerous delights for newcomers and experienced Indian food eaters alike. An order of lettuce wraps (your choice chicken or tofu) began our meal in style and was flavorful and unique in their blend of vegetables and seasonings.

Ordered for the main course was Kozhi Kurumelago (black pepper chicken) and Lamb Vindaloo, Mint Curry (your choice of meats), and Amotik (mahi mahi). All were excellent and reasonably priced for such wonderful fare. The Kozhi consisted of pan fried chicken cooked with black pepper, garlic and ginger. The Vindaloo was accented with baby potatoes, fresh herbs and spices with a hint of vinegar to accent the delectable flavors. The Mint Curry (I chose duck) boasted roasted fennel seeds, fresh mint and ginger and the Amotix blended the mahi mahi with tamarind pods accented with mild spices. All courses were well under $20.

Word to the wise, you will be asked how spicy you would like your meal to be served, and justifiably so, because when the say hot they mean hot! As a lover of foods, the spicier the better, I quickly indicated to make mine spicy hot. The server was cautionary enough to let me know that even he, a lover of hot-spicy food, could only handle the meals at medium, I quickly changed my thermometer gage, a good save on the servers’ part, as medium was plenty hot.

Offered daily is a buffet lunch for a reasonable $13.95 featuring salads, deserts and a wide array of Indian cuisine choices. This is highly recommended especially for a newcomer to savor the unique flavors of Indian food.

One savory note, my experiences have been better received during the dinner hour (where reservations are highly recommended) while the lunch staff seemed a bit lackluster in their promptness and attentiveness.

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  • City: San Diego, Ca 92101
  • Phone: 1-800-monsoon
  • Name: Monsoon
  • Address: 729 4th Avenue