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Friday Night at the Street Scene



It was a mix of rock stars and rappers, d.j.s and steel drummers, all performing amidst carnival rides and a gaggle of half naked fire twirling burlesque girls. Throughout the jumbled free for all that occured at Street Scene 2006, there was only one thing missing: a coherent theme.



The Yellowcard crowd, with Qualcomm

Stadium in the background.

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As a rookie to the Street Scene, I entered the event clinging to the appropriate saying- “anything goes”.

First Impressions

I arrived around 6:00 p.m. and easily made my way through the crowd. As I entered the gates and wandered the Street Scene lot, I couldn’t help but wonder, is this it? Everything- the Tiki Bar, the V.I.P. Station, the booths and the stage- were so spread out. The event lacked the intimate feeling the cozy Gaslamp quarters would have contained. With a crowd of teeny boppers, families, rockers and rappers, it was an eclectic mix of bodies. People stuck with their own groups, wandering about without even a friendly “hello.” A girl I met from England commented on how cold the San Diego social scene can be. She said in Europe the concert scene is much more interactive and lively. “But, this is San Diego,” she said.

In the twenty-two years that Street Scene has occurred, this is the second year that the event has been held in the Qualcomm parking lot. The large space was filled with bald spots. Stages rimming the peripheral of the lot were stocked with attentive fans; however carnival rides remained line-less and vendors saw few customers. The food was supposedly from San Diego’s best restaurants, but the prices were so high that I steered clear of all wafting fried scents. Some girls I befriended managed to find $1.00 egg rolls and they stuffed fortune cookies in their pockets for a skimpy street scene meal.

The “Rock Stars”

The headliners for Friday night included Kayne West, Wu-Tang Clan, Social Distortion, Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother, Bad Religion, A.F.I. and Yellowcard. I was counting on some good rap music, especially since the rock bands out-numbered the rappers. But the rock groups definitely stole the show.

Yellowcard kept the crowd pumped up with a lively musical set. Violinist Sean Mackin was all smiles as he leapt back and forth across the stage over the moshing crowd. Bassist Pete Mosely appeared to have recently returned from a jog, or to be ready for one; he was sporting running shorts, Adidas sneakers and a t-shirt, which he threw off half way through the performance. Ending with the hits “Only One” and “Way Away”, Yellowcard managed to keep the crowd satisfied and sustained their energy level throughout the set.

Keep an eye on the band Wolfmother. They were an unexpected Street Scene crowd pleaser. The band exploded into a wailing set, starting out with their song,



Wolfmother performed Friday night at the

Street Scene.

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“Woman” and rising to a crescendo with other new hits. Their simple lyrics are connected by catchy instrumental interludes, as they use a keyboard, guitar, bass and drums to create a crazed, out of control sound.

A.F.I. lead singer Davey Havok’s mask of hot pink eyeshadow, ring of arm tattoos, and tight white outfit was enough to freak the audience into peals of screaming adoration the second he calmly walked on stage during A.F.I.’s performance. The band finally appeared through a cloud of smoke after a slight delay. It was hard to keep my eyes off Havok’s theatrics, which involved jumping off the drum set and some forceful singing. I must say it made for one amazing show.

Should Have Rapped Up Early

It seems they took a poll, and rappers scored the lowest. Kayne West and the Wu Tang Clan were shoved way out in the boon docks. I had to sprint to make it from A.F.I’s incredible opening, to catch Kayne’s debut. By the time I arrived, there was nothing to dance to. Kayne’s complaints about the poor lighting, mixed with his constant advertising about his new c.d. outbalanced the quick lyrics the rapper is acclaimed for. All he had to do was quit talking and start rapping. It became apparent after numerous solos performed by his d.j. and back up dancer that Kayne doesn’t have enough songs to fill a performance. There were moments when he just stood and bounced an “O” sign to a Jay-Z song. Apparently a tribute to “his boy”. By the time he finally busted out with his hit song “Gold Digger”, the crowd had diminished and the rapper was left trying to hype up snoozing fans.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Dates: August 4 & 5
  • Address: Qualcomm Stadium