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In-N-Out Burger

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Locals will have no need to read the following review because anyone living in Southern California already knows of the existence of this establishment and what it has to offer. Tourists visiting San Diego, this one’s for you.

Sometimes you want an exquisite night out on the town and, lets’ all be honest here, sometimes you just want a fast-food burger. Fortunately one doesn’t have to give up taste in order for some drive-thru dining. I present to you In-N-Out Burger. What began in 1948 as a single fast food diner has grown into an operation with over 150 locations in three states. While those are the facts, what really matters is the food.

Upon visiting a local In-N-Out for a birthday dinner (for us weight-watching conscious folks, eating here is a "present" from the nutritional eating habits we put ourselves through) we had our first initial decision to make: drive-thru or order inside? Since it was another beautiful San Diego day, the clean air and soft breeze made our decision to eat in our car under the magical In-N-Out signpost dwarfing us from above.

About 5 cars preceded us in line and you could see a line inside the diner as well. No joke, this place is coveted by many but at least you don’t have to put your name on a waiting list or make reservations. Besides, In n’ Out has a call to arms to ease the wait. They actually have staff walk up to your car and ask for your order, before even nearing the speaker box; your food is already being prepared. Now that is efficiency!

The menu is pretty simple to comprehend – hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Unlike other fast-food chains that have so many diverse items that you have to wonder what a national hamburger franchise is doing making salads and chicken rolls, In-N-Out has stuck to their classic fanfare. Their hamburgers (whether with cheese or without) all are made from 100% pure beef, with hand-leafed lettuce, tomatoes, spread, onions (on demand) on a freshly baked bun

4 X 4
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Since it was a birthday celebration there was no holding back today. A 3 X 3 (a secret menu item, we’ll explain later) combo order was the first to be called upon. A 3 x 3 has the usual garnishment except with three patties and pieces of cheese. A 4 X 4 was also ordered featuring four patties and four slices of cheese. These were accompanied by french fries (fresh cut potatoes prepared in 100% vegetable oil) and an order of well-done Animal fries (fries with extra spread and cheese melted on top, another secret menu item). Shakes topped off the delectable meal (they offer the classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, all made with 100% ice cream) and full tummies were had by all.

An almost urban legend status has developed in regards to the supposed "secret menu" items that you may order, and while they are not listed on the menu posting at the order location, word of mouth has made them well know to locals. They are; the above mentioned 3 X 3 and 4 X 4; a double meat (no cheese); a grilled cheese sandwich; protein style burger (for the healthy conscious with no bread, instead the burger is wrapped in lettuce); Animal style burger (same as above with extra spread, pickle and a mustard cooked patty; and the already mentioned Animal fries.

There are eight locations within the San Diego metropolitan area, so finding one shouldn’t be an issue and just a few bucks will get you a complete combo. So just sit back, place your order and enjoy.

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