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Ono Sushi

Just slightly north of downtown San Diego is an area called Hillcrest. Diverse and eclectic in nature with quaint housing surrounding the main strip of University Ave. Hillcrest is home to thriving businesses of both mainstream (Ralphs and McDonalds) to quirky (tattoo parlors and flag shops) and populated with an assortment of dining both sophisticated and edgy, the choice is yours.

We highly recommend Ono Sushi on University Avenue. Seating can be energetic on the outside patio area (where people watching is great) or within the intimate, cozy dark interior. The restaurant is small in scale but it creates a very comfortable, close-knit atmosphere.

Waiting for our dinner companion we headed for the bar to order wine and asked for recommendations. The bartender jokingly confessed he knew more about mixing drinks than wine lists. Normally one would scoff at the lack of information but instead it lead to a funny interlude and the choice of a very good Pinot Grigio; it’s this character that adds to the evenings delicacies.

Once seated we ordered Edamame (steamed and salted soy beans) for an appetizer with soy sauce for dipping. They were cooked to perfection and salted perfectly. Then the fun really began. We ordered two sushi items, Crunchy Roll (tempura conch, crab, sweet sauce and pepper flakes) and Volcano Roll (crab, smoked salmon, shiromi, shrimp, baked with a special sauce) and one Sashimi item, Toro (fatty tuna). The Crunchy Rolls had about 10 pieces to it and more than enough to satisfy. They were crunchy (thus the name) on the outside with a coating of batter and the hint of sweetness flattered the palette. The Volcano Rolls were an unbelievable delight. Smooth in its composition and texture, they practically melted in your mouth (it was so good we ordered another round). The Toro was very tender, mild and scrumptious; all said and done an extremely enjoyable meal. Do not miss this, as it is the best sushi we’ve ever had

The service was excellent and the staff had lots of character and personality. Prices were decent for a full sushi meal, with our bill coming to about $140 for three with wine and water. So enjoy the spirits, enjoy the ambience and enjoy the tastes of Ono Sushi.

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  • City: Sa Diego, CA 92103
  • Phone: (619) 298-0616
  • Name: Ono Sushi
  • Address: 1236 University Ave