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Parkhouse Eatery

Forked Avocado on Toast
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There are many great restaurants in San Diego for lunch or dinner, but it is a rare treat to find a restaurant that serves up a delectable breakfast with such sophistication and flair. Welcome to the Parkhouse Eatery and discover the possibilities when a restaurant kicks it up a notch.

Situated in the University Heights area of San Diego, Parkhouse Eatery offers a pleasant and diverse breakfast menu that is sure to please all palettes. A variety of juices are offered, or you may choose to savor the unique Steamed Caramel milk or Mexican Hot Chocolate, and their scrumptious house blend coffee gives Starbucks a run for their money. For more adult beverages, the house specialty PH (Parkhouse) Mimosa is only outshined by the soothing Sunrise Mimosa that comes with a splash of raspberry puree.

The menu serves up both healthy fare and wicked loosen-your-belt-cause-it’s-gonna-be-good dishes. Go for the unusual, sample the Forked Avocado on Toast as an appetizer. It’s not the normal breakfast fare, but that’s what makes it so special (and a dash of Tabasco takes it over the top).

Buttermilk & sun dried berry
pancakes with raspberry sauce
and butter

Chicken sausage, mushroom,
spinach & parmesan
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Our menu favorites are the delicious Grilled Breakfast Pizza baked with scrambled eggs, bacon and asiago cheese (you’ll never look at Pizza Hut the same), or try one of the "tres egg es scrambles" such as the PH chicken sausage, mushroom, spinach & parmesan, or smoked ham, charred pepperoncini, red onion & fontina. All of these dishes are served with house potatoes, lots of fresh fruit, French white toast and homemade PH jam. They are all scrumptious and distinctive in their flavors and nuances.

You can always select from the "way wild and wicked breakfast" portion of the menu, including stir fried rice with Portuguese sausage, roasted yam, scallion, soy & egg, or the yummy buttermilk & sun dried berry pancakes with raspberry sauce and butter. The sausage is tangy and perfectly complimented with the yam and scallions. The pancakes are served elegantly with raspberry sauce artistically drizzled across the canvas of the large pancakes. Both are delicious breakfast delights.

Parking can be a little tricky and the wait on weekends a bit of a chore, but they do take reservations, so be proactive and give them a call beforehand. The establishment is a remodeled former home and the décor continues to make you feel like you are visiting a family member for an intimate, home cooked meal. The dress is weekend casual and prices are usually fewer than ten dollars; not bad for a feast that satiates the mind and the body’s appetites.

Parkhouse Eatery brings that rare treat of offering mainstream and alternative dishes in classic and comfortable surroundings. So make your way to Parkhouse Eatery and have yourself one heck-of-a-meal. Lunch is also served with distinctive and interesting choices. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92116
  • Phone: 619-295-7275
  • Name: Parkhouse Eatery
  • Address: 4574 Park Blvd