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The Fish Market

The Fish Market

You can’t enjoy San Diego dining without frequenting at least one seafood restaurant – we are on the ocean after all. There are several great choices and for starters we recommend The Fish Market on North Harbor Drive. It’s been a mainstay in San Diego since 1989 and continues to deliver. A special note, upstairs is another seafood eatery called Top of the Market, offering formal dining with more expensive dishes and a higher level of service, including a great wine list.

We arrived for lunch and a relaxed, enjoyable break during the work day. The Fish Market is situated on beautiful San Diego Bay and the scene is breathtakingly picturesque. Just sit back and breathe in the brisk sea air. The interior has the usual seafood restaurant flair, with aquarium tanks flittering with shellfish and an “anchors away” décor, but don’t worry, it’s all done with a fun sense of style. There is an adjoining patio deck jutting over the water that provides even greater intimacy with an expansive view of the bay.

The menu offers steamed and baked shellfish, pasta dishes, chowders and salads, an oyster bar, a sushi bar and a delightful assortment of entrees featuring a huge selection of freshly caught fish, some from their own boats! There are even a few non-seafood items such as chicken and steaks. For starters we ordered a great dish called “Duckett’s Buckett”, a bountiful combination of steamed shellfish served up in an oversized skillet. It is a treasure with plenty to have and share. This was complemented with great sourdough bread, freshly baked, and perfect for dipping.

For lunch we ordered FRESH (yes the word is emboldened all over the menu, because they mean it) Pacific Red Snapper (Rockfish) and the California Troll Caught King Salmon. FRESH was not just gimmicky boasting! The seafood was moist, flavorful and not fishy at all. The entrees are mesquite charbroiled for flavor, and you can choose from mango salsa, tarter sauce and fire roasted salsa to accent your meal (we highly recommend the mango). All entrees include two choices of sides, and there are many to choose from, such as steamed vegetables, au gratin potatoes (awesome!), freshly made coleslaw, French fries (do we still call them that?) and fishwife rice.

It was a great way to enjoy lunch and the early afternoon. So sit back, feast on the tasty offerings, and watch the sailboats and yachts breeze by (take a glance next door and you’ll see the monumental Midway aircraft carrier, which is well worth a visit). Then pack it all up and head back to work because your boss is probably looking for you. Although if you have a few minutes, stop by the seafood counter on the way out and buy some succulent tidbits of fresh ocean fare to take home. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone: 619-232-3474
  • Name: The Fish Market
  • Address: 750 North Harbor Drive