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Canes Bar & Grill

Enjoying time in San Diego has to involve at least some time spent hitting the boardwalk and enjoying what the beach has to offer. Whether spending a day on the sand soaking up the sun, playing in the surf or simply walking the boardwalk, when hunger pangs start to hit, just step off the sand and head to Canes Bar & Grill. Situated literally right on the beach on the fun-filled Belmont Park boardwalk, Canes offers a relaxed, festive atmosphere for all who saunter in

Walk upstairs and grab yourself a stool in the open air seating area. Get one near the edge and be conumed by the beautiful ocean coast, with its crashing waves and warm sand. Here you’ll find some of the best people-watching ever. You have runners, bicyclers, walkers, talkers, partiers, young, old, beautiful bodies and even the "oh please put your shirt back on" individuals. It’s all there for your viewing pleasure.

We were spending another beautiful San Diego Sunday afternoon bike riding along the ocean and stopped in for lunch. We were greeted with a friendly smile as our server helped us locate a table with a view. Orders of Vodka Lemonade were requested, not only to satisfy our thirst but to also ease the slight pain in our limbs as our bodies cursed us for exercising on a Sunday. Our tummies had a hearty appetite going too.

The menu offers mostly Mexican fare, as well as, good ‘ol comfort food like pizza and burgers. We started the meal with oyster shooters (Northwest oysters served in a shot glass with cocktail sauce and horseradish), which slid right down the throat with a splash of robust flavor (you can add a shot of vodka if you’re really looking for a beach buzz). Also ordered was a bowl of their special homemade tortilla soup mixed with seasoned chicken, topped with avocado and cilantro. The soup was delicious, immediately warmed up the belly, and is even more delectable when served in the optional bread bowl.

For entrees we ordered the House Specialty – the Canes’ Tacos Supremas, which consists of two tacos, your choice of corn or flour tortillas, filled with your selection of meat, fish or shrimp, with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and chipotle sauce. Other choices include carne asada, mahi-mahi, shredded chicken, blackened salmon, or carnitas. The dish also comes with black beans and Spanish rice. The various meats were agreeably flavored, tender and the portions were plentiful – easily reenergizing the battle weary bicyclers.

Also ordered was a delicious dish called the Southwest Chicken Pasta (Linguini tossed with fresh tomatoes, spinach, roasted red peppers and fresh garlic, in a southwest cream sauce). This is topped with grilled chicken breast and fresh parmesan cheese and served with garlic toast. It was a nice departure from the usual pasta blend, and the flavor was incredible.

Prices vary but most items are under the $10 mark. The staff is eager to please and keep the meal moving along with friendly banter and smiles. Canes tends to get busy on the weekends but wait times usually go pretty fast. Just have yourself a Margarita while you’re waiting. Enjoy the sun, the surf, the crowd and most of all the food.

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92109
  • Phone: 858-488-1780
  • Name: Canes Bar & Grill
  • Address: 3105 Oceanfront Walk