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King's Fish House

It’s midway through the work week and suddenly a business lunch is suggested by the powers that be. The players are spread out across all parts of San Diego, downtown, Sorrento Valley, Hillcrest, plus we need to get in, do some business, eat and head back to our respective offices. So where to go? A recommendation was made for King’s Fish House, conveniently located in Mission Valley and accessible to all.

Make no mistake though, the reason for frequenting King’s is not for location alone, it is for the lovely seafood that they offer. Located in a strip mall (don’t shudder here, it is a really nice strip mall) just off the 8 freeway, King’s stands on it’s own as a seafood place to be reckoned with. The interior is very inviting with its simple décor. Take a seat in the interior of the restaurant or on the outside patio, both are equally comfortable.

Upon being seated, you will be immediately be impressed with the service. Beverages, bread and specials are served and announced within moments. Even as we fell immediately into business banter, with nary a glance at the menu, the staff respectfully fawned over us, patiently waiting for our orders as they continued to keep the bread and beverages full.

As our stomachs began to growl, we decided to order. The menu has an overwhelming array of dishes to choose from. Numerous appetizers include a cornucopia of seafood and traditional fare like chicken quesadilla, buffalo chicken wings and grilled artichoke. There are also a multitude of salads and soups to get you started. Or try one of the numerous oyster selections to whet your whistle.

All of this leads up to having to decide what to order for the main course. There are pasta dishes, lobster selections, charbroiled seafood, seafood from the fryer, the grill or skillet. Basically they have seafood in any way shape or form that you could desire. There are also non-seafood items such as Sautéed Breast of Chicken, Top Sirloin or Filet Mignon to choose from.

We settled on the Baja Californian Yellowtail and Farm-Raised Chilean Salmon. Both of the dishes were very well prepared and flavored with just the right amount of seasonings. The yellowtail had a very subtle texture and easily fell apart with minor prodding with the fork, ahh, the easier to eat you with. The Salmon had an equally flavorful presence and we fancied the soft, moist consistency. Two sidekicks accompany each entrée and we enjoyed the steamed Jasmine rice, garden vegetables, house salad and sautéed fresh spinach (careful, this one is garlic laden). All four adorned the dishes perfectly well, adding to what was already a splendid meal.

So whether for business or pleasure, the pleasure will be all your with the enchanting meal you will certainly relish at King’s Fish House. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92108
  • Phone: 619-574-1230
  • Name: King's Fish House
  • Address: 825 Camino de La Reina