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Osetra the Fishhouse - A Seafood Restaurant

The Gaslamp District welcomes individuals to its embrace with a multitude of choices for fine dining. Steak houses, Italian, seafood, Indian, sports bars…..you name it, The Gaslamp has it. Looking for seafood, there are many wonderful options to choose from, so let us suggest Osetra.

We wandered in on a quiet Sunday evening with friends and sauntered to our table at the bequest of our host. The interior is done with much flare and style in deep blues and silver. Unable to be missed is the extravagant wine cellar situated in the center of the bar. Standing three-stories high, they utilize self-proclaimed “Wine Angels” to retrieve your wine request. The “Angels” are hoisted up in the air by harnesses, floating adrift in a sea of wine. It is a unique sight to behold and not a bad way to make a living.

While the ambiance created is delightfully fanciful, it is the food that matters and Osetra delivers on that count. For starters we ordered the Seafood Platter as an appetizer featuring Alaskan king crab legs, Maine lobster, Mexican white shrimp, clams and oysters with a variety of sauces. It was a splendid array of seafood delicacies, all bountiful and succulent in taste and presentation. The menu says that the platter is perfect for “two” but believe us, there is plenty to go around.

Next up were our entrées of Salmon (Pan seared, served over wild rice, finished in a morel mushroom pinot noir reduction) and the Fetuccine Pasta (Two color pasta, tossed with scallops, pear tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, watercress and a light white wine sauce). Our guests ordered the special of the evening which was a Filet Mignon with Lobster claw (Grilled 10 oz, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus, finished with a cabernet reduction). All three dishes were excellent.

The Salmon was one of the best to be found in San Diego. The filet was moist, flavorful and so tender that it literally melted in your mouth. The wild rice complimented the meal with its soft, yet full bodied texture. The fetuccine dish was delectable and plentiful in its serving size. The blend of scallops, pear tomatoes and mushrooms mixed very well with the pasta creating a wonderful meal. Lastly was the filet mignon and lobster. The filet was prepared as requested (medium-rare) and was flavored beyond compare. Mouthwatering does not do it justice. Add the largest lobster claw we have ever been served and we are talking one unforgettable meal.

Osetra has all of the makings for an enchanted evening and do order a bottle of wine so you can keep the “angels” working. Our only concern is that sometimes service can be spotty. We had the full attention of our server until our entrees were delivered and then seemed to forget about us. If the food wasn’t so good I would reconsider going back, but we have been there numerous times and this was the only time we had less than desired service. Prices are on the upper side of the grade, so have that gold card ready. Remember, you’re earning miles too. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92103
  • Phone: 619-239-1800
  • Name: Osetra the Fishhouse
  • Address: 904 5th Avenue