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Harry's Bar and American Grill

Ah the ever changing business lunch. Do you go for fast, efficient and inexpensive…you know, just get the job done? Or do you select a venue that will enhance your meeting and have a signature on that contract by the time coffee arrives? Go for the latter and take your clients to Harry's Bar and American Grill in the UTC area right off of La Jolla Village Drive.

Self proclaimed as bringing authentic Italian cuisine and genuine European charm to the La Jolla area, Harry’s does exactly that. A warm setting, with leather booths and mahogany woodwork, Harry's has a clubby feel, and is almost always packed at lunch.

It’s easy to understand why after you’ve been there a couple times. Not only are you nearly assured to see some fabulously successful San Diegans lunching there, the food is fantastic! In between waves and smiles across the dining room to the several people you will no doubt know, enjoy a sip of your Arnold Palmer and take a look at the menu.

Having lunched at Harry's often, I have my favorite entrée of Grigliata Mista di Pesce or for the rest of us, mixed seafood grill of freshwater prawns, fresh fish and calamari. The first time I ordered this feast and it arrived at the table, I was surprised at the huge platter of gorgeously prepared seafood and accompaniments. It was one of those “there is no way I’m going to finish this” moments. Well, 20 minutes later, the waiter did not need to ask if I was finished…all had completely vanished. The seafood is perfectly grilled with a delightful light brushing of butter; the vegetables are crisp and the potatoes delicious.

Other options on the menu include some fantastic salads like grilled salmon (prepared similarly to my favorite medley) or flawlessly seared Ahi on a bed of cabbage, tomatoes red onions and green beans. If you’re out for a heartier lunch, try the Hamburger Harry’s for a burger you’ll not soon forget.

There are also several pasta selections including artichoke filled ravioli with a brown sage butter and Parmesan cheese, or a fabulous Risotto with saffron, Parmesan and baby spinach. There’s something for everyone at Harry’s including some lovely wine selections if you are so inclined to partake in the grape over lunch. If not, come back for dinner. It’s just as good and you can truly take your time.

The only challenge at Harry's is that it’s a bit hard to find the first time and very easy to drive by as it resides on the first floor of an office tower a bit off the street. The valet line fills up quickly, and you can find yourself with your tail-end hanging out onto La Jolla Village Drive if you’re not careful. Who can complain though? The valet is complimentary, and you’re about to sign that big contract over a fantastic meal. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, Ca 92121
  • Phone: 858-373-1252
  • Name: Harry's Bar and American Grill
  • Address: 4370 La Jolla Village Drive