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Mateo's Hot Spot

Mateo's at the Top Dog
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Matthew and Scott
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If you find yourself in Pacific Beach, from midweek through Saturday night, from say, about 11pm to 2am and you get an urge for a hot dog, check out Mateo’s Hot Spot. Operated by Matthew Gorton and Richard Morris, you’ll find one of them at eachcart with two umbrellas on the wide sidewalk outside either The Dog bar on Everts at Garnet or the Silver Fox on Garnet across from Long’s Drugs.

The partners offer a surprisingly wide selection of hot dogs from the standard 8 inch, quarter pound Hebrew National to bratwurst to spicy sausage or even a veggie dog. You can get dressing for the dog including the standards of ketchup and mustard, or you can go all out and go for toppings like hot chili, bacon, freshly sauteed onions, grated cheese, hot nachos cheese followed with stone ground mustard or barbecue sauce all on a steamed bun. And all that for a mere $3 to $4.

Matthew said: “A real popular version late at night is the “El Grunge”, a hot dog with bacon and cream cheese.”

The partners have been operating their carts for almost four years. They sell between 80 and 100 dogs a night to the bar going crowd in Pacific Beach. The moniker “Mateo” comes from the fact that Matthew works as a waiter for Piatti’s in La Jolla where the cooks, bus and wait staff use the Spanish version of “Matthew”.

On a recent evening in March, the great grand nehew of the founder of the famous Nathan’s hotdogs was bellied up to the cart getting a dog outside the The Dog. Scott Ressler is a Promotion and Web Producer for the CW5 television channel. A former editor for the history channel, Scott was suitably impressed that Matthew knew the history of Nathan’s: another entrepreneur, born in Poland in 1892, opened his stand in 1916 Coney Island and built a reputation for his dogs by (Matt says the story varies) getting doctors in white coats or getting people to dress up in white coats to stand around his cart to show that his dogs were safe to eat.

And Matthew reports that he can take their carts to any location and cater events for a festoive touch to your next corporate picnic or beach birthday party where you're looking for somethng different.

So, when those hunger pangs hit as you’re headed home after a night out, stop by Mateo’s for gourmet hotdog to round out your night.


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  • City: Pacific Beach
  • Phone: Matthew: 760-473-1902; Richard: 858 775 5256
  • Name: Mateo's Hot Dogs
  • Address: Everts at Garnet