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The Band Snow Patrol!

On March 3rd 2007, Snow Patrol took the stage at the SDSU Open Air Theater between a “green flash” and a full moon.” (A good omen the band believes!)

Before the show the band had a few minutes to meet with me. After kicking off the tour in L.A last night, guitarist Nathon Connely commented that he was excited to get in front of the San Diego crowd. They appreciate things like the full moon, “It’s not that the L.A. scene doesn’t appreciate the music because they do, it’s just that everyone of em’ is probably already in a band themselves.”

Gary Lightbody, whom many of you know from his soft-textured lyrics on the hit song “Chasing Cars,” has had to resort to relying on his genuine smile and non-verbal gestures while meeting his fans before the show due to a recent bout of laryngitis that caused the band to cancel many U.S. tour dates including one in San Diego. The doctor had instructed Lightbody not to say a word 1hour before the band takes the stage and no more than 1 performance a day. Of course the band already broke that rule earlier today performing a special charity show for a young friend of theirs who had been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This is the first sign that Snow Patrol sees its recent rock-n-roll acclaim can be used for good, not just for evil. I got the feeling as I stood there backstage watching the band smile and interact with their fans that these are the kind of lads who would invite the whole crowd backstage if they could just so they could get to know them. Cool guys! After meeting the band, Paul Wilson, on the bass, was able to sit down with me for a quick Q&A.

Paul, you guys have been to San Diego a couple of times now, have you gotten a chance to spend any time touring the city?

Not really, been to the shopping malls a couple of times.

What’s been your favorite thing about San Diego then?

The food! Great Mexican food with the 24 hour burrito shops on every corner. (As he takes his hand and rub a dub dub dubs his tummy in a circular motion.)

Is there a story behind the title of your new album “Eyes Open?”

No, not really, it’s just significant because it came up a few times “Open your Eyes” and then it came to us, “Eye’s Open.”

Half the band is from Ireland the other half is from Scotland where does your arse hail from?


So growing up in Scotland, is there something unique to your Scottish culture that you would like to share with the rest of the world to make it a better place?)

Rain! It’s funny because we were recently touring Australia and I was in a place that it hadn’t had rain in like years. Rain is cool because you can sit inside and write music.

I had a question about one of the songs on your latest album titled “set the fire to the third bar. Who’s the female vocalist singing on there with Gary?

Martha Wainwright! (Rufus’s sister, very cool!)

I love the title to that song, is there a meaning behind it?

It’s about the distance apart and like being together, but being apart. (Afraid of getting caught in a web of rock-n-roll theory I don’t even go there, however, I presume he is referring to long distance relationships.)

Where’s the best place in the world to get a beer?


Any particular pub?

Mmm, nah, I’m always to drunk to find it again I never know where I’m at.

What’s the last book you’ve read?

I can’t remember who wrote it but it’s called “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.” It’s about this kid whose father was killed in 9/11, it’s quite weird but I can’t really tell you any more about it without giving it away.

What’s your favorite part of your lover’s body?

(He blushes, laughs, I can tell he doesn’t know how to answer it… He stumbles and says) “ahh, all of it.”

Ok, what’s the favorite part of your body?

(He laughs again…) My fingers so I can play music?

Favorite movie line right now?

It would have to be Al Pacino “say hello to my little friends” (As he leans back in the chair and makes a machine guy sound out of his mouth like a little kid would do when he’s playing the childhood game “guns.”) “We were joking about that earlier today actually.”

You’re in a lonely diner, it’s a full moon, I hand you one quarter, what song do you play on the jukebox?

I’d probably play something stupid like Slayer’s “Angel of Death.”

I notice your T-shirt say “Howling Bells?

Howling Bells, they’re from Australia but they play like a UK band. They have this female vocalist and she’s *uckin’ _____. (His Scottish accent was too thick during this last comment and I’ve played my recording tape over and over but I can’t make it out what he said. It definitely made me want to check out this band.)

(I’ll check them out, Cheers!)



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  • City: San Diego
  • Venue: SDSU Open Air Theatre,5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92182