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Rei Do Gado Brazilian Steak House

The churrasco (Brazilian barbeque) is a traditional feast that has been celebrated in South America for centuries. It is a unique and healthy way of roasting meat over a mesquite flame that preserves tenderness and gives it amazing favor and taste.

This incredible experience can be found at Rei Do Gado Brazilian Steak House in downtown San Diego. The format and delivery are very unique amongst restaurants. We entered the venue for brunch and were unexpectedly surprised by what awaited us. The restaurant is simply decorated with numerous paintings ranging from classic Hollywood icons to captivating landscapes in deep tones of brown and green. The ambiance is South America meets West with the accent on the South culture.

The unique nature of the venue is what makes it so very different. The meal is arranged in a simplistic buffet style format. There is an elaborate display of vegetables, such as, green beans, broccoli, Bok choi, eggplant and salads like cucumber, Caesar, carrot and green bean. There are fruits aplenty, oranges, melons and grapes. Additionally they serve several options of home made soup (we tried the fresh black bean soup which was excellent!).

So the idea is to grab a plate and fill it up with all you desire from the side dishes available. Take your plates back to your table and start enjoying yourself. Then the fun really begins. At each table is a short piece of wood, about four inches long and flat on each end. One end is painted red and the other end green. Place the wood with the green end up, and you will be deluged with a fabulous barrage of flavored meats from servers carrying long skewers of bar-b-que delights. Place the red end up and you will be respectfully passed by, the red indicating you are enjoying the moment. Place it back to green and the festivities begins anew.

Oh and the meats you will taste; Picanha No Alho (top sirloin in garlic); Filet Mignon (wrapped in bacon, a great combination and so tender); Fraldinha (skirt steak, tasty and moist); Costela De Bo (beef ribs, slow cooked that will melt in your mouth); Costelinha De Porco (baby-back ribs, a Brazilian favorite and offered with two succinct marinades); Linguica (pork sausage, strong in flavor); Pernil De Ovelha (lamb leg, truly delicious): Peru Com Bacon (turkey wrapped in bacon and arguably our favorite of the bunch); and many more. So if you can imagine a never-ending feast of delicious samplings of meats then you can imagine the reality of Rei Do Gado.

Weekend nights have live piano music in Reis' two main dining rooms. They also have a banquet room that can satiate the desires of 180 hungry patrons. You can also chance upon the bartender located in the brass canopy across from the bar, offering up Caipirinna (Brazilian refreshing cocktails). And if after all of that, you still have room for dessert you have a full menu with Pudim (Brazilian style), cheese cake, tiramisu, and chocolate cakes and mousses.

Rei Do Gado is that wonderful blend of restaurant dining enhanced by culture and flavors faithful to its ethic region. The staff is attractive and charming as they roam around the tables with their exquisite offerings and you can’t help but be taken in with the vibe and ambiance of the venue. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone: 619-702-8464
  • Name: Rei Do Gado – Brazilian Steak House
  • Address: 939 Fourth Avenue