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Okay, so the situation comes up and you find yourself suddenly having to host a gathering. It could be a birthday party, business meeting, a family reunion or just having a bunch of friends getting together. Are you ready for something completely different? Something trendy, something edgy, something unique, and really fun to boot? Boy do we have a great idea for you!

Sushi has become such a phenomenon, reaching out to all walks of life. Heck you can even get sushi at the local grocery store these days, it is everywhere. So you’ve probably tried sushi restaurants from the high brow to the chain venues and everything in-between, so what next? How about a rental sushi bar, serving private parties, and even having sushi classes, all catered to your whim and your guests.

Sushi On A Roll (SOAR) does just that and more. Able to seat up to 30 guests at the sushi bar, SOAR can also accommodate upward of 55 guests in the venue. Whatever event you may have planned, SOAR can offer you the opportunity to impress your family, friends or co-workers.

SOAR also does catering for all sorts of functions ranging from the elite (they did catering for the filming of Titanic, a function for Tom Cruise and most recently the MTV Movie Awards) to gatherings such at hotels or convention centers or personal engagements, such as weddings and reunions. Whether at their venue or at yours, the quality and professionalism shines ether way. They are able to accomplish this utilizing their Sushi mobile unit, thereby bringing the Sushi bar to you.

We came upon this great venue by winning the bid at a charity auction for a sushi class for ten. It was a win in more ways than one because we had never heard of SOAR prior to that. We invited eight family members and friends to enjoy the experience with us. The venue is in a pretty interesting part of town (i.e., nice way to say, warehouse district and watch your step) but once you stroll into its doorway you are transported to another place entirely.

The room is dwarfed by a huge circular sushi bar, split down the middle to allow the participants to become pseudo sushi chefs during the course of the evening. Well lit with dramatic TV screens that hang over the sushi bar, allowing all to see the instructions of the sushi teacher. There is also a seating area, the Tatami Room, with amazing massage chairs, a plasma TV with sports, music or videos available.

Copyright©2007 sandiego.com, Inc.

There is plenty of water and beverages available and we had the foresight to bring along some wine and sake, just in case. The president and sushi chef, Jeffrey Roberto, welcomed and we situated ourselves around the grand sushi bar. The evening would progress in this manner: first our sushi chef would instruct us in creating a sushi dish or roll and then we would all join him behind the sushi bar and do our best to mimic what he showed us.

We started with simple tools, a bamboo mat, cutting board and a sharp flat blade knife. The rice already being cooked and our quest for sushi stardom had begun. We all made our own wasabi and were told to rub a small amount on each roll for the fullest flavor. We started with Maki Rainbow rolls, first small traditional with the seaweed on the outside and then non-traditional larger rolls, with the rice on the outside. We then moved on to Temaki hand rolls which had to be eaten immediately. Nigiri style sushi followed with tuna, salmon, shrimp and yellowtail. All this was capped off with Sashimi served with daikon, carrots, beets and seaweed.

Not only was there an overabundance of sushi to eat at your disposal, there was so much left over that we wound up sharing with neighbors back home. All said and done it was a truly delightful evening, going beyond all expectations. The location, fun; the sushi chef, a great host and teacher; the food, awesome! So for a unique experience that is sure to charm family, co-workers or friends, head for SOAR!


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  • City: San Diego, CA 92113
  • Phone: 619-702-1468
  • Name: Sushi On A Roll (SOAR) Bar
  • Address: 1620 National Ave.