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Hard Rock Cafe

As a young adult, the enjoyment of having a night out at a Hard Rock Café was something to look forward to. You could always expect lots of laughter, tasty morsels and good ‘ol rock n’ roll tunes to entertain you. After some months of not having frequented one, it was a delight to go back to an old classic favorite.

Conveniently located downtown on 4th Avenue, Hard Rock Café continues to deliver the goods. As we entered the wide doorframe we were greeted by 80’s tunes trumpeting our welcome. If you’ve never been to a Hard Rock, you will be blown away by the music memorabilia that literally covers the establishment from floor to ceiling. Be sure to take a walk around and see the sights.

One thing you will always find at Hard Rock is a lively staff, full of energy and spirit (and usually a tattoo or two), bopping around to the beat of the tunes and sporting a playful grin. Their energy is addictive and you’ll find yourself laughing and tapping to the music before you know it.

Now remember, this here is comfort food, so leave the diet behind for one night and let yourself indulge, which we happily did. We got the party started with the Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings (colossal wings, hickory-smoked in their hardwood smoker, with your choice of classic rock, heavy metal, or tangy bar-b-que sauce. Served with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing). We went for the spicier “heavy metal” and it had quite a kick to it, so you’ve been warned.

Dinner was next and we went for it with a passion! Coming right up was the Legendary 10 oz. Burger ( ten ounces of fresh Certified Angus Beef, topped with seasoned bacon, two slices of Cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms and a crisp fried onion ring). Okay, so the burger stood tall and proud and you had to wonder just how the heck you’re going to wrap your mouth around that bad boy. Have faith in yourself and don’t mind the fixings’ dripping down your chin. It was one of the juiciest hamburgers we could remember having in a long time. Add some onion rings and you are set.

Adding to the decadent joy was an order of Hickory Smoked bar-B-Que Baby Back Ribs (a full rack of West Tennessee-style baby back ribs rubbed and basted in authentic Hickory-Bar-B-Que sauce and cooked to perfection). They did not disappoint. The ribs were well seasoned and pretty much fell of the bone. The full slab is almost too much for one person to overcome, so be sure to share, especially with seasoned fries and black beans added in for sides. Another signature item is their Hickory Smoked Pulled-Pork Sandwich (select pork, hickory smoked then hand-pulled. Served with a variety of suaces). We went for the vinegar-based sauce and it was indeed a unique sandwich, the pork being so tender and, again, the portions aplenty.

We wrapped up the evening with a piece of their Chocolate Cake (five moist layers of rich chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream), which sounded like a birthday party waiting to happen. Yes it was moist fully decadent and worth the upcoming extra thirty minutes at the gym to ease our guilt. So head over to Hard Rock Café, forget your troubles and just let yourself go. Your feet will be tapping to the music in no time. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 9210
  • Phone: 619-615-7625
  • Name: Hard Rock Cafe
  • Address: 801 4th Avenue