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Casa Guadalajara

Casa Guadalajara
Casa Guadalajara
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We had a rare opportunity the other night to visit a restaurant in San Diego that we had never heard of. We say it’s rare because we tend to be pretty up on what’s great, trendy or classic cuisine in San Diego. It’s not ego, it’s just that having lived here for more years than we care to admit, we kinda got our groove on. So imagine our surprise when we strolled into Casa Guadalajara which turned out to be simply fabulous and somewhere we intend to frequent.

We can’t remember the last time we walking into a restaurant that exuded so much fun and goodwill. And the place was packed. Obviously, this supposed secret of a great restaurant is no secret at all. If you’ve never been to Mexico, let Casa Guadalajara transport you south of the border in the blink of an eye. The restaurant has all of the fine attributes of an authentic Mexican diner. From the Mexican tile adorning the high beams throughout to the impressive oversize wooden furniture and architecture that creates the ambience of this wonderful restaurant. Add some sparkly colorful decorations and you have the festive, family friendly atmosphere. Be sure to check out the immense bar, again decked out with deep wood and an immaculate stained glass ceiling, truly spectacular. Finish off the room with large baskets of flowers and you are set to party and fiesta.

As with any Mexican restaurant worth its name, we were presented with freshly made chips and salsa. Such a wonderful way to start the festivities and don’t forget to order an awesome specialty margarita! Being so excited to sample what tidings the venue had to offer, we ordered the Antojitos Platter (Nachos, quesadilla, chicken flautas, stuffed jalapenos, and guacamole and salsa ranchero) which was splendid. The combo appetizer featured hearty samplings of the various selections. While the flautas were a tad crispy, the quesadillas more than made up for it with its soft texture and abundance of cheese. The guacamole was fresh and tasty and the accompanying sauces, flavorful and spicy! Watch out for the stuffed jalapenos, we recommend them only for those with a fire-loving palette.

For our entrees we went with Mexican favorites Beef Fajitas (specially marinated and grilled with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes on a sizzling platter, served with guacamole, charro frijoles and rice) and a Casa Guadalajara favorite, the Guadalajara Chimichanga (a large flour tortilla wrapped around chicken or beef, rice, beans and deep fried, topped with salsa roja, cheese and sour cream and served with rice and beans).

The fajitas were extremely flavorful and a sheer delight. With the addition the mushrooms and tomatoes for seasoning and combined with the fresh homemade flour tortillas, it made for a fanciful meal. The beef chimichanga continued the excellent feast with its hearty portion of meat mingling with the peppers and cheese. A terrifically fulfilling entrée. Not to be outdone, we topped the evening with a magnificent churro, which arrived at our table warm, soft, swimming in chocolate and embellished with a sweet cream.

Prices are reasonable and the staff is ready to please. A secret (at least to us) no more, Casa Guadalajara is a standout venue to the festive Old Town area of San Diego. Mexican restaurants are a dime-a-dozen in San Diego, so to find one that really takes it up a notch is quite a find. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92110
  • Phone: 619-295-5111
  • Name: Casa Guadalajara
  • Address: 4105 Taylor Street