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DiMille's Italian Restaurant

House Salad

Spaghetti / Ravioli combination
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There is something to be said for comfort food. You know, the kind of cooking that makes your toes curl from the sheer delight of eating it. And nothing says comfort like Italian food. The sauces, the pasta, the bread, the pizzas, the salads, the soups, all combine to create a soothing meal where having seconds is all but expected. That being said, one of our favorite local hangouts is DiMille’s Italian Restaurant in the Normal Heights area of San Diego.

Having been in business for almost thirty years, DiMille’s has cornered the market on making traditional Italian fare with all of the right ingredients. Unassuming, and even less pretentious, DiMille’s sets itself with one goal in mind - and that’s to provide you with killer food, at reasonable prices and with tons of smiles and good service.

The interior is very simple, with deep wood tables and chairs and a smattering of booths thrown in. Nothing in here screams “look at me”, which is meant as a compliment. DiMille’s is a pleasant little local family owned restaurant that every neighborhood should have down the street. We went on a quiet Wednesday night and set about having a great, fun meal.

Our table of four had varying tastes for Italian fare, which turned out great because we could all share a bit without getting too territorial about “our” food. Starters of Caesar Salad, House Salad, Minestrone and the “soup of the day” which was a fantastic Baked Potato Soup quickly arrived at our table. The salads lived up to their revered traditional flavors, the Caesar robust with its generous helping of Parmesan, while the vinaigrette dressing added something special to what could have been just another House Salad. Add the fact that the salads are huge and you are set. The Minestrone kept the pace going with its fresh, large cut vegetables and scrumptious flavor and the Baked Potato soup with its garnishments of bacon and cheese was warmly delightful.

Next up were the entrees and the diversity of our meal choices continued, taking full advantage of all that Dimille’s menu has to offer. First up to bat was the decision of what type of pizza to order. All come with Mozzarella Cheese with a myriad of toppings available. From Jalapeno Peppers to Feta Cheese to Artichoke Hearts, as well as the usual suspects like Pepperoni and Black Olives. Instead we went for a menu specialty, the Tomato & Fresh Basil (roma tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic & Romano cheese) which was served on a flat pizza tray set on a stand for all to see and enjoy. The crust was thin, crispy and with the yummy toppings, quite the feast. They also offer a deep dish pizza if that’s your preference. Next up was a decadent favorite, the Spaghetti / Ravioli combination plate (choice of meat or cheese ravioli, we went for meat) which fulfilled any pasta lovers dream. The sauce was thick, so very flavorful and the pasta and ravioli all homemade. Go over the edge and add one of Mama’s Giant Meatballs, and you just need to sit down and try not to pass out.

Linguini with Clam Sauce

Baked Rigatoni with Eggplant
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For a little more delicate fare we tried the Linguini with Clam Sauce (whole baby clams sautéed in an olive oil, garlic & herb sauce served over linguini, with choice of red or white sauce) which turned out to be a real treat. The clam sauce (we went for the white) was light and full of flavor while the linguini was firm and perfectly prepared. Lastly, we had the Baked Rigatoni with Eggplant (fresh breaded eggplant and mozzarella cheese served over rigatoni pasta and served with meat or vegetarian sauce) which equaled all of the competing plates with its great pasta, thick sauce and fresh eggplant. It was such a tasty feast.

One thing to remember about a visit to DiMille’s is to expect to walk home with doggy bags in tow because the portions are so generous, there is no way you can finish it in one sitting. And that goes for all of the meals that we ordered. Add the fact that most prices range in the ten to fifteen dollar range and you are set for the evening. So immerse yourself in a little piece of San Diego history and relish a great meal and evening at DiMille’s. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92116
  • Phone: 619-283-3153
  • Name: DiMille's Italian Restaurant
  • Address: 3492 Adams Ave