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Indigo Grill

There are few restaurants that can achieve a local neighborhood vibe and still come off as a trendy venue at the same time. Our friends call Indigo Grill their favorite haunt in town. So it was there that we met for a catch-up-on-our-lives dinner. What better place for a group of friends to get comfortable and feel evening-sexy at the same time.

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The second you walk into the Indigo Grill you can feel its magic. Unique Southwest décor doesn’t even come close to describe the interior design and ambiance of the venue. The first thing that catches your eye is the magnificent bar sprawling before you. Spirits tempt you from all corners, so be sure to try some of their signature drinks or plentiful selection of wonderful wines.

All around you, your senses are delighted with a wide array of ornamental designs and wall hangings. From the school of metallic fish swimming up stream from the bar, to the decorative face masks that gaze at you from the walls. Everywhere you look, it is a sensation for the eyes, in colorful muted earth tones and splendid gold’s and rusts.

Even with the feast for the eyes all around you, what really grabs your attention is the vibe and energy of the restaurant. There is a fun filled neighborhoody warmth Indigo Grill offers that filters through its fine, articulate staff who themselves are adorned with cheerful smiles and thoughtful meal suggestions. And that’s where the evenings festivities really begin – eating the beautifully prepared dishes.

After witty banter with our friends (at least we thought so), we settled into discovering what delights awaited us. We started from the “Beginnings” menu of appetizers and it did not fail to please. We all shared a splendid Pipian Crusted Brie (with jalapeno jelly, honey roasted garlic, grilled nopales, mole negro and scallion flatbread). The brie arrived with generous portions of all the fixins. The bread was a perfect compliment to the accoutrements of the spread. An order of Tortilla Soup (corn salsa, crème fraise and tortilla strips) with added chicken warmed up the soul with a bit of a kick (just enough to bring on a light bead of perspiration for the weak of heart). Both were excellent!

Moving on to the main entrees or “Sunset Offerings” as they put it, we were dazzled when our dishes arrived with much ceremonial splendor. The presentation was absolutely stunning and the enormous plates could barely contain the overflowing portions. Ahh and then there’s the flavors. Set before us were orders of Good Things Growing (a vegetarian dish with Indian corn pudding, baked whole butternut squash with bourbon-pecan butter, caramelized plantain, honey roasted garlic, flatbread, BBQ marinated tofu with mole negro), Woodstone Roasted Free Range Chicken (with ranchero sauce, chile black beans, avocado and rice) and Wild Blueberry-Lacquered Rack of Lamb (with roasted fennel potato & wild leafy vegetables, pickled onions and red onion-caraway marmalade).

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Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! All three entrees were inspired pieces of culinary art. Chef Deborah Scott has a unique way of combining sometimes offbeat food characteristics that create amazing blends of flavor. The unusual offerings in the “Good Things” entrée were a feast for the palette, so many interesting tastes to sample. The Free Range Chicken was so succulent and moist, a true crowd pleaser. The Lamb was cooked to perfection and the fennel potato was the best, the smoothest, creamiest potato we can remember having. Add the night’s special, Lobster fajitas with tortillas, black beans and rice (which rocked, by the way) and the evening was a hit.

So don’t be one of the few to not have been to Indigo Grill because you are missing out on a San Diego icon. Prices range on the $20 to $30 range and if you possibly have room left, be sure to enjoy the numerous dessert items, including a ravishing coconut crème brulee or the tortilla wrapped cheesecake. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone: 619-234-6802
  • Name: Indigo Grill
  • Address: 1536 India Street