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The Beach House

You know restaurants are sometimes like real estate and hotels with their elaborate descriptions of where they are located, especially in proximity to the ocean. You have “ocean view”, you have “ocean front” and our all-time favorite (we really saw this on an ad for real estate) “ocean close”, which happened to be about three sets of rolling hills away from said ocean. What’s a guy gonna do? You want the feel of the ocean if you’re dining on the coast, but some venues don’t always live up to their claims of being seaworthy.

Enter Beach House. We are not talking ocean “view” or “front” or “close”; we are talking right smack dab on the water. You can literally feel the ocean spray off of high tide while seated outside. The patio is outlined by smooth rocks, boulders and sand. If the time is right, you can even enjoy watching the sunset surfers catching the last waves of the day. And speaking of sunsets, you can spy a beautiful one from your seat while enjoying your meal.

Upon arriving at Beach House, you immediately have a recollection of Miami Beach, with its shades of pink and light green exterior. If you have the time, saunter upstairs to their bar lounge and be greeted by stained glass windows, a large inviting bar and delightfully decorated interior (they could have went with a cheesy beach theme but Beach House ups the ante again with its relaxed décor). Be sure to order one of their signature Martinis with a couple of our favorites being the Pomegranate (great in anti-oxidants too) and Key Lime (we swear it’s like drinking a piece of pie that results in a buzz).

After indulging in a satisfying Martini, we headed downstairs to our table on the patio. The crowd is a bit thick here, because that’s where everyone wants to be, especially on yet another charming San Diego evening. Our fantastic servers greeted us with some amazing wheat bread, soft to the touch and even more so sporting a little butter. For starters you must have their New England Clam Chowder, as it was most excellent and we’re in California, so go figure. They also offer a variety of clams, crab cakes (awesome!), oysters……you get the picture.

Stuffed Whole Maine Lobster

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Once you’re ready to move on to your entrée, let us entice you with a few suggestions. First off, and probably the most visually engaging, was the 1 ½ Stuffed Whole Maine Lobster (steamed and stuffed with shrimp and crab served with macadamia-wasabi mashed potatoes). This baby arrived as if it was its sixteenth birthday coming out party with its claws raised as if awaiting castenettes. The lobster was massive and presented on the plate in such a way that your mouth just dropped knowing how much sweet and succulent meat awaited you. Like having Lobster wasn’t enough, you get your cake and get to eat it too with the addition of the shrimp and crab meat, a true triple play. This one will never make the Jenny Craig list or Bon Appetite but it’s a showstopper.

Fire-Grilled Pacific Swordfish

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We also ordered the Macadamia Salmon & Coconut Prawns (tropical fruit salsa, orange-chile glaze & macadamia-wasabi mashed potatoes) and an order of their Fire-Grilled Pacific Swordfish (10 oz., with Luis’ famous Argentine chimichurri sauce, with potatoes).

Both came in very generous portions and with the accompanying potatoes and greens, made for enough food to feed a clan. The Salmon came unexpectedly with a fried exterior (not a good move on the restaurants part) but tasted grand just the same. The swordfish held up to its name with a rather fiery flavor that created a very flavorful meal. Needless to say, we took home plenty of food that night.

Now to be honest, does Beach House have the best seafood we’ve ever had, well not exactly. But it does have great satiating food with a beach backdrop that is priceless and the evening lighting could not be more perfect. Truly go for the sand, the cocktails, the ocean spray and some really pleasant dishes. Enjoy!

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  • City: Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007
  • Name: Beach House
  • Address: 2530 S. Coast Hwy 101