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Bleu Boheme

Just recently open for business in Kensington, Bleu Boheme has garnered lots of interest and attention as the new local “go-to” venue. Situated on the corner of Adams Avenue and Kensington Drive, the restaurant has a great entrance with its floor to ceiling windows, allowing you to see the warm interior.

Entering the establishment you are met with a friendly, large carved wood bar with wooden beams and bottles looming over you. The lighting creates a wonderful ambience with its subtle and delicate hues. Competing for your attention is the larger-than-life chalk board (literally about 10-feet tall and as many in length) with its huge listing of menu items. Step into the dining area and check out the clear panels on the floor filled to the brim with wine corks. A really cool touch.



Coq Au Vin

Raviolis Maisons Aux

Champignons Sauvages

Pork Loin

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The entire venue has a very simplistic décor; it really reminded us of a quaint French country bistro. Everything is very unpretentious and very European in nature. The tables and chairs are uncomplicated wooden pieces. The walls are almost completely art-free and chocolate colored hues envelope you. Very provincial.

We started out with a delicious 2005 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais that had a lovely bouquet, berry flavored with just a hint of pepper. Spying the menu you immediately notice it is all in French (with English subtitles but a bit hard to read) and that the menu is just as simple as the décor. You have Escargot, you have chicken, you have steaks, so there are choices but you are left with few options (I even asked to switch mashed potatoes for Gratin and was almost given the riot act……ahhhh, the French). Fortunately, the entrees are very well crafted and the sauces are really beautifully prepared as defines a French restaurant (ahhh, the French).

Our group of three settled on the Coq Au Vin (Bone in Chicken, slowly simmered in Red Wine with Button Mushrooms, bacon and caramelized pearl onions) and the Raviolis Maisons Aux Champignons Sauvages (homemade wild mushrooms Raviolis, served over a bed of spinach with a white butter herbs sauce). We also ordered the special of the night, Pork Loin with broccoli and potatoes (and yes I did get the Gratin after all).

All three dishes carried their own unique blend of flavors and seasonings and the sauces were awe-inspiring. The Coq Au Vin, which is not often found on menus, was almost like savoring the richest, thickest stew you’ve ever had. From the meat falling off the bones and mixing it up with the savory potatoes and vegetables, the meal was truly inspiring. This success continued with the ravioli dish which was soft and succulent to the palette and with the addition of the steamed vegetables, a perfect blend. The pork loin continued the evening’s festivities with its profoundly rich, pleasant sauce that was just scrumptious. And after the scandal of wanting Gratin potatoes, they actually turned out to be just okay.



Tarte Chaude Aux Pommes Fines

Crème Epaisse

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We eyed the dessert menu and decided to share a couple, the classic Crème Brulee and a Tarte Chaude Aux Pommes Fines Crème Epaisse (thin apple tart served warm and topped with double Crème Fraiche, sorry couldn’t resist mimicking the menu with its lavish descriptions, haha). The Crème Brulee was tasty but we wished it would have had a thicker, crunchier crust as that’s what makes a great crème brulee! The Apple tart, despite its lavish presentation, was surprisingly underwhelming in flavor.

Bleu Boheme offers a nice slice of traditional French cuisine in a very quaint venue. The evening flowed very nicely with attention from the staff at its best. It seems no matter what your personal tastes are; the sauces and entrees are there to please. Enjoy!


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  • City: San Diego, CA 92116
  • Name: Bleu Boheme
  • Address: 4090 Adams Avenue