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Steve Mast
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When did you begin shaping surfboards? 2002

How many boards have you shaped? 119

What motivates you to shape surfboards? Design and the act of shaping

Is there anything or anyone that has motivated your shapes? Skip Frye, Greg Liddle, Mike Eaton and Larry Gordon

What type of boards do you design? Mid-length hull hybrids and everything else except Thrusters

How do you determine how and where to tweak the shapes of your boards? I typically feel the boards. I also surf and get ideas from the boards I like

When did you get your motivation to shape surfboards? I wanted a good midsize single fin board and I couldn’t afford a Skip Frye

How long does it take you to shape a board? 3-4 ½ weeks

Foam or Epoxy? Foam

What is the hardest aspect of being a surf board shaper? Thinking you might actually make money

If you could change one thing about the surfboard industry; what would it be? I’m waiting for the time when it’s not “cool” to look like a surfer and get the big marketers out of it

If I am a new surfer, how do I figure out what surfboard is best for me? 8’6” – 9’ everyday single fin

Contact: Call Avalon Tattoo (ask for Steven Mast) @ 858-274-7635 Thursday, Friday, Sunday or Monday. You can also go down to Tourmaline beach any given morning and find his blue Volkswagon bus (with the Mast Surfboards sticker on the back)


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  • City: San Diego