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Hornblower Dinner Dance Cruise

The Lord Hornblower

I have always wanted to check it out, so when my boyfriend expressed interest as well, I was excited to go. So, we set up a date and booked a Hornblower Dinner Dance Cruise!!

When we first lined up to board the yacht we were very enthusiastically greeted to the Hornblower experience and set us in a joyous mood. We walked on to the dock and they stopped us for a souvenir snapshot in front of the vessel and behind a life preserver (used as a prop). After the photos were developed, we were given an opportunity to purchase a souvenir 5 x 7 photo in a paper frame for $20 (two copies of the photo and one frame are included). We boarded the vessel, were immediately handed a glass of champagne and given an impromtu mini tour on the way to our table.

The Lord Hornblower is the largest in the Southern California Fleet. It is beautifully detailed in classic elegance. Once seated, our server asked if we would like something else to drink and appetizers. The server explained the service timeline and what to expect during our cruise. During the boarding process is an ideal time to explore. The staff told us that no parts of the ship are off limits so we felt free to wander at our leisure.

The views from the deck are amazing. At night the city lights glow casting streaming colors on the water. It’s absolutely breathtaking. In fact, we spent more time on deck than at our table and could’nt get enough of the views.

Our server, Angela, was as sweet as could be; both polite and cheerful. She was not informed of the special diet request we had given during booking, however, she was more than happy to make sure we were accommodated. Despite the pre-fix menu, Hornblower is more than happy to make special accommodations for specific dietary needs. However, to be safe, make sure to follow-up in this regard.

After dinner the on board DJ started to liven up the music choices, enticing passengers to hit the dance floor. There were two DJ’s, one on each of the lower levels. The DJ’s asked everyone if they had any music requests to ensure we all heard a favorite song. The DJ’s were spinning everything from dance hits, 40’s, and modern hits of the day.

The dinner cruise last for for 3 hours. There’s plenty of time to sit, relax, enjoy the food, dance, and take in the breathtaking skyline views. You can book a Dinner Dance Cruise online or call Hornblower at (888) 467-6256. They depart nightly at 6:30pm and depart from the B Street Terminal. During the week the price is $64.85 per person; $69.95 on weekends and holidays. A glass of champagne and a three course Dinner Menu is included.

Hornblower Cruises offer a number of upgrades. For $12 per person you can upgrade to the Filet Mignon and Salmon dinner. Or, for an additional $56.83 the Celebration Package for 2 includes a window table, bottle of champagne, two embossed champagne flute souvenirs and two truffles. I would recommend this cruise for both visitors to San Diego as well as those who wish to fall in love with their city all over again.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 1-888-467-6256
  • Name: San Diego Hornblower Cruises & Events
  • Address: 1066 N. Harbor Drive