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Black & Blue

Prime Steak Lettuce Wraps
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When you think of Casino food what usually comes to mind? The ultimate buffet of course (and this Casino has a great one). So imagine our delight when we visited the fantastic Black & Blue restaurant at Valley View Casino in Valley Center (located about 30 miles North of San Diego and a little off the beaten path). Set apart from the lights and sounds of slot machines and blackjack tables, Black & Blue delivers the goods with fine dining, slick ambience and a relaxed atmosphere.

Classically decorated in deep wood and soft lights, this is a Las Vegas style steakhouse with a Valley Center attitude. Even the menus are over the top, thick as a novel and the wine list has an etched sheet metal front (a nice wine list and reasonably priced). Enjoy the light jazz and old standard music as you settle into your booth ready for a night of culinary delights.

Appetizers abound with great fare such as Oysters Rockefeller, Avocado Tower (with crab and tomato) and Prime Steak Lettuce Wraps (with spicy peanut sauce) and Lobster Ravioli (with large chunks of lobster in the sauce). The wraps were very tasty, the steak sooo tender and succulent while the ravioli, savory and smooth. Both were a delightful meal in themselves.

Bone-in Rib Eye

Braised Short Ribs
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Steaks are plentiful with favorites like Porterhouse, New York Sirloin, and a thick and juicy bone-in Rib Eye. The Rib Eye was in a class all by itself. The cut was cooked like the restaurants name; “Black & Blue” which means the meat is charred and caramelized on the outside while the inside remains rare. It was amazingly moist, tender and truly the best Rib Eye we can recall having. That’s quite a distinction considering the quantity of steaks we’ve enjoyed. Add the velvety Sautéed Woodland Mushroom (with a hint of truffle oil) and you have quite the combination.

Equally delightful were the Braised Short Ribs which were impeccably cooked, the meat so tender it simply fell off the bone. Combined with the rich polenta and a side dish of the delectable Sugar Cane Baked Beans (we just had to order them) it made for a delicious and comforting dish. Also, check out the Surf n’ Turf Special where you literally bet the cards for the price of your steak, from “free” to a higher price tag. Bring your lucky rabbits foot.

Warm Black & White Soufflé
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Other side dishes include Buttermilk Onion Rings, Steamed Broccoli and Lemon Zest, Cabbage Slaw or Green Peas and Tasso Ham. All have zesty flavors and are served as generous portions. For a sweet ending you have many options like their Signature Sundae (gourmet gelato, chocolate brownie, hot fudge and vanilla whipped cream), the Pear Cinnamon Bread Pudding (with essence of lemon) or the Lemon Cheesecake with brandied cherries. If that wasn’t enough, you must try the Warm Black & White Soufflé which should be illegal, it’s so decadently awesome. It takes 25 minutes to make so order it early and is served right from the oven in a scrumptious hazelnut sauce.

After dinner drinks
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Black & Blue offers a private dining area that seats twenty and an impressive wine room as well. The staff and management are top notch. There was never a moment we had to “look” for a server; they were always nearby fulfilling our every need and making sure our time spent within was an enjoyable one. Executive Chef Joseph Pilz has brought together an exuberant blend of traditional classics and turned them on its side to bring you a wide arrange of creative dishes. Heck even ordering an after dinner coffee is a production with a grand plate of caramel, chocolate and sugar spoons to flavor your hot beverage. Black & Blue is like hitting the jackpot. Enjoy!

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  • City: Valley Center, CA 92082
  • Phone: 760-291-5500
  • Name: Black & Blue
  • Address: 16300 Nyemii Pass Road