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Certified Angus Burger

Shrimp Scampi & Goat Cheese
flatbread sandwich
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Across the bay from downtown San Diego is spectacular Coronado Island. Nestled in its own little world of part exclusive beach-town, part tourist stop, part local hangout and all magic, Coronado Island is a dream. With its sprawling beaches, the Hamptons style homes, unique shops and fine dining, this is a must-see location and nothing is grandeur than The Hotel del Coronado. Even the drive across the famed bridge is magical.

The Hotel del Coronado has been the heart of Coronado since its construction over a hundred years ago. Built by its founders to be the “talk of the Western World”, the Hotel has lived up to its heritage even today. With its majestic, almost lighthouse looking structure it is quite a sight to behold. Restaurants and boutique shops abound through its near maze-like halls and corridors. It’s here that we settled comfortably at the Sheerwater restaurant.

The Sheerwater is located on the beach side of the hotel with indoor or patio dining for your pleasure. Yet even indoors you are treated to the beautiful seaside scenery that the large floor-to-ceiling windows present to you. Like the Hotel, the restaurant is embedded in old times. Deeply rich wooden columns and classic décor make you feel safe in its walls. So order a glass of wine, bask in the ocean breeze and feast upon the menus offerings.

Sheerwater Famous Fish & Chips

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It being a brisk San Diego afternoon, we started with the warming Chicken Tortilla Soup, with queso fresco, cilantro and lime and their signature Lobster Bisque, with avocado mango salsa. Both soups were obviously house made, with generous bites of chicken and lobster in the respective dishes. While very flavorful, the tortilla soup really didn’t have much of a bite to it and resembled more of a chicken noodle soup. The mango salsa made an odd companion to the bisque, almost masking the lobster flavor. Both did warm the spirit though. Also good was the Baby Field Greens (young greens, point reyes blue cheese, slivered almonds, cabernet raisin vinaigrette) which was light, crisp and the dressing a nice zesty topping. For our entrees we shared the Certified Angus Burger (grilled onions, white cheddar cheese and smoked bacon) which was accompanied by a batch of crispy fries and the Sheerwater Famous Fish & Chips (Karl Strauss beer batter fried cod, fries, coleslaw, malt vinegar). The burger was thick, juicy and almost “to-big-a-eat” to quote an old commercial tag line. Watch out for the fist sized onion that will greet and flavor every bite. The fish and chips were equally well prepared, with the crunchy batter lending to the succulent cod inside. These were laying on a blanket of fries to much for any mere mortal to finish. Thank goodness we were with friends to share them with.

Also ordered were the Shrimp Scampi & Goat Cheese flatbread sandwich (pesto, whole mustard grain, red peppers, arugula salad) and their specialty entrée Cioppino (shrimp, scallops, calamari, clams, mussels, roasted peppers, fennel, spicy tomato sauce, artichoke rouille). The scampi sandwich was well presented and made for a flavorful zesty meal. The Cioppino was curiously spicy (and we like spicy) and the little broth present was rather thick. Not quite the usual Cioppino that is our familiar but the smorgasbord of seafood is hard not to savor over and we enjoyed it just the same.

Now the thing about Sheerwater is location, location, location. Was this the best food we’ve ever had? While most of the dishes were enjoyable, no it wasn’t. To say the cost was a bit pricey is putting it mildly. But the invitation of dining at Sheerwater is also about the ambiance and the experience. To sit at a table of one of the most endearing, classic hotels around, surrounded by the vast ocean at your side, with balconies, walkways and all the niceties that a charming hotel brings. It’s watching the myriads of people walking by while sipping your wine and enjoying your meal. We had a very special day at The Hotel del Coronado and certainly your fortunes will be the same. Enjoy!

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  • City: Coronado, CA 92118
  • Phone: 619-435-6611
  • Name: Sheerwater – Hotel Del Coronado
  • Address: 1500 Orange Avenue