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The Dog (Surfing) Days of Summer

No if's, and's or barks about it. This years 3rd annualLowes Surf Dog competition was a howling good time.

The beach located at the North end of Imperial Beach was packed with close to 2000 people and several hundred of San Diego's prized pooches. However, these are not the dogs you will see at your average Alpo sponsored dog show. These dogs do not specialize in rolling over or sitting pretty, rather hanging ten.

From a distance, when looking at this event, you would think there was a presidential candidate presenting a speech. There must have been 400 or more photographers and film crews littered along the beach. All present were here to witness dogs of all shapes and sizes take to the water and show there skills on a surf board.



Hot Doggin' Longboard Surf Dog

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There were 3 different heats. First, was the Small Surf Dogs 40 lbs. and under. This heat was burried like a bone by TJ a Spanish Spaniel that had the looks of a dog often proudly displayed in the hands of Paris Hilton. Then came the Large Surf Dogs 41 lbs. and over. This heat was chewed up by a Black Lab named Stoli (like the vodka). And Finally, the 3rd heat was for Teams (Surf Dogs and Owners surfing on the same board at the same time). The only Fetch Zoey (a Jack Russle Terrier) and owners Scott and Terry Chandler were playing was with a first place trophie.

The annual surf dog competition has grown over the past 3 years and will continue to grow over the years to come. This is truly and event that everyone should see.

If you are interested in more information or to view video from the this event, visit http://loewssurfdog.blogspot.com/. You can also go to YouTube.com and type in Loews Surf Dog.

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  • City: Imperial Beach, San Diego