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Surf Shop: The Surf Hut I.B.

The Surf Hut owner Jesse Ramirez and his crew.
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Location: 710 Seacoast Dr. Suite D, Imperial Beach, CA. 91932

Contact Info: 619-575-7873 or www.thesurfhut.com

How long have you owned The Surf Hut? 23 years

What do you carry in your shop? Surf boards, Skate boards, Body boards, Apparel (Men's, Woman's and Children)

Why did you want to own a surf shop? I was at a crossroads and needed to decide if I was going to do what I love or do something else. I chose what I love.

What separates The Surf Hut from other surf shops? We have a huge selection of everything and our customer service is awesome.

What types of boards do you carry? Longboards, Shortboards, Fish, Fun shapes, Softop

Do you make custom surf boards? Yes.

Who shapes your custom surf boards? Mike Richardson, Novak, Electric Duck

Do you sponsor any surfers or skaters? Yes. Sean Fowler (Surfer), Jeff Brad (Body Boarder) and James Molina (Skater).

Does your shop participate in anything to promote local surf or surfers? We sponsor people individually and also participate in sponsorship for local contests.

What is the price range on boards at your shop?

Body Boards: $39.95 - $269

Surf Boards: $299 - $750 (Short)

$425 - $2,000 (Long)

Skate: $42.95 - $52.95 (Blank)

$69 - $99 (Full Package)

Authors Note: I only visited with the owner of the shop, Jesse Ramirez, for a few minutes. However, in the short time I spent with him, i don't think you could find a better shop owner in I.B. Everyone that walked by was greeted with a friendly "Hey" or "How have you been". All of his employees seemed like a family and were quick to offer service to anyone that walked through the door. If you are down in Imperial Beach, I would definitely make a stop into The Surf Hut.

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  • City: Imperial Beach
  • Phone: 619-575-7873
  • Name: Surf Hut
  • Address: 710 Seacoast Drive