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A Dry Summers' Day

A Responsible Drinker
An Angry Beach Drinker Who Wishes
to Remain Anonymous.
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Well folks, it is now August and we have gone almost 8 months without beer, wine, Jack Daniels' "iced" coolers, or the infamous Jagger Ice Block on the beach... OH, and of course, the amount of beach brawls, trash littered throughout the beach and broken glass on the boardwalk have seemingly decreased if not almost completely disappeared.

POOF!!! Just like that. My rants and raves article (A beach without Beer) back in January about how horrible this beach ban was going to be has now been washed clean of all of it's negativity.

The wasted time, effort, and money spent on tracking down and disarming the beach goer's whom are intent on enjoying the one and only thing that has prospering profits during a slumping economy... not a waste at all. Why is this not a waste? Why will "America's Finest City" choose to not overturn the "temporary" alcohol ban and, instead, put the choice in front of the voting public? Revenue my friends... plain and simply put... Revenue.

I saw an article last month that the city had written approximately 500 citations as of July 4th. It is my understanding that a first-time "offender" receives a ticket for $250.00. Let's see... 500 multiplied by $250.00... hmmm.. carry the one, add the decimal point, AHHHAH!!! That's $125,000.00 in potential revenue for the city. Now, I'm certain this number will not remain at such a high level, but it's a step in the right direction. Only a few hundred million dollars more and we're not one of the most indebted cities in America...

This is a tough position for me take, on either side. And, I am still not certain how I will vote when it is my turn to "weigh in". However, I am certainly certain about a few things. 1) I really enjoy having a beer on the sand after a surf or to watch the sun go down. 2) I really don't mind the fact that there are considerably less drunk thugs trying to start fights as you pass by Lahaina's Beach House on your beach cruiser. 3) I really wish there was a middle ground to this whole thing.

After all is said and done, with this whole vote thing, we will likely not have the option of being responsible adults and enjoying a frosty libation as the sun goes down in America's Finest City come this same time next year.

There is still opportunity to take your party to a State beach, like Silver Strand State Beach or Carlsbad State Beach. But, act fast my thirsty amigos and amigo-etts!!! This will soon fall victim of the same revenue producing sanctions put on the rest of our local beaches.

With all of my bitching aside; it could be much worse... we could be living in... say... uhhh... Well, it doesn't really matter where else you live,because you can't find a better place in the U.S. of A. than San Diego.

In the immortal words of The Most Interesting Man in the World, "Stay Thirsty My Friends".

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