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Costa Azul

Lobster Burrito
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If ‘location, location, location” is the secret of success then Costa Azul must reign supreme! Located in the hub of beautiful Coronado, Costa Azul offers its guests the fixings and setting for a fun, enjoyable meal.

Just walking up to the venue and crossing under its huge arched pillars gives you a sense of welcome. If the weather is nice (and this being San Diego, that’s most of the time) grab yourself a table on the outside patio where you can enjoy the soothing breeze and gawk at all of the interesting people strolling by. We spied a family from out of town playing a card game while enjoying their meal. It doesn’t get cozier than that.

There are dozens of Mexican themed restaurants in San Diego serving the usual fare of tacos, enchiladas, combo platters and chimichangas. But Costa Azul ups the ante with such fare as Baby Back Ribs (slow roasted pork ribs smothered in Costa Azul’s B-B-Q sauce and served with Fries and coleslaw) and Fish & Chips (white fish batter fried). They also offer Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo (shrimp, crabmeat and scallops sautéed with homemade alfredo sauce) and Rotisserie Chicken (roasted half chicken rubbed with house seasonings, served with rice, beans and tortillas).

Then there are the Costa Azul specials like Chicken Poblano Rellano (battered poblano rellano stuffed with rotisserie chicken and jalapeno jack cheese and topped with ranchero sauce) or the Flat Iron Steak & Garlic Shrimp (flat iron steak cooked to order & Mexican style garlic shrimp and served with mashed potatoes & spinach). There is truly something to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

No matter what you choose to have for lunch or dinner, everyone shares the complimentary homemade chips and Costa Azul’s unique house salsa. The salsa is almost worth coming for by itself. Not the usual tomato based flare; instead they take a blend of six peppers and burn them at the stake (okay just kidding about the stake part) which creates a thickly textured roasted flavor. Our server told us you either love or, well, not so much. We couldn’t imagine anyone saying “no” to this yummy, innovative treasure.

For our early evening dinner we sampled the Shrimp Ceviche (shrimp marinated in lime juice, fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro and chili peppers and served on crisp tortilla with sliced avocado) and White Bean Chili (slow roasted pork, great northern beans in a chili verde sauce). Both were complete contrasts. The ceviche was light, crisp with its simple citrus flavor while the soup was thick, chunky with a spicy, robust flavor.

Carne Asada Taco and Chicken Enchilada
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Our entrees arrived as the Lobster Burrito (slipper lobster tail with peppers, onions, pinto beans, topped with salsa verde red chile and jalapeno cheese sauce) and a Combo plate featuring a Carne Asada Taco and Chicken Enchilada (the choices were numerous for your own unique combo blend). Both were served with rice and beans in generous portions. A very filling meal. The only thing that made us jealous was that we were too old to order from the Nino Nibbles menu items. They had Pasta with Butter and Parmesan Cheese dish that sounded awesome. Ahhh, kids have all the fun.

Costa Azul offers all of the delights that dining out can bring. Beautiful Coronado, a lively street scene and a fun place to dine and experience them all at your leisure. Enjoy!

The Good – like we said earlier, simply killer salsa

The Bad – we tend to like our Mexican food with a little kick than what was offered

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  • City: Coronado, CA 92118
  • Phone: 619-435-3525
  • Name: Costa Azul
  • Address: 1031 Orange Avenue