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Edgewater Grill

It was the perfect San Diego day. Bright, sunny, not too hot and the perfect time to have an out-of-town guest to show off the town. How do you not love San Diego? We wanted to be outdoors, get a little sun and walk around for a bit, checking out shops for souvenirs. We couldn’t think of a more tourist appropriate than Seaport Village. Hungry for lunch we also spied an inviting place to eat, the Edgewater Grill.

The Edgewater Grill had everything we were looking for. A diverse menu, seating on the outdoor patio, cocktails (hey it is Sunday brunch, after all) and, best of all, right on the boardwalk and San Diego Bay. The setting is simple water front décor, wood beams, greenery and casual table settings. Glancing out from the patio you can people watch to your hearts content and if you lift your eyes a smidge higher, enjoy the beautiful bay, with sailboats aflutter.

Now even though it was traditionally a “brunch” we really didn’t feel like the usual suspect – champagne. Then our eyes set upon the “Rum Bar” portion of the menu and I slight grin crossed our faces. All three of us ordered the luscious Watermelon Mojito (the traditional mojito with a splash of watermelon nectar). Did you know that the mojito was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink? We didn’t either but the menu informed us such, and we could only wonder what he would have done with the watermelon twist. It was wonderfully light, with a smooth fruity zest.

Our little group settled on a fun variety of choices for our lunch, the Certified Angus Beef Burger (half pound of Angus meat, grilled to your pleasure with the usual suspects and French fries), Fish and Chips (flaky white fish served with coleslaw and tartar sauce) and Blanco Gourmet Pizza (garlic oil, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses topped with shrimp and chopped jalapeno peppers).

The burger was cooked flawlessly and the simple compliment of lettuce and tomato (yes, I also added ketchup…what can I say) was just what the doctor ordered. The accompanying crispy fries balanced the meal perfectly. The fish and chips were also dead on. The outside crust was delicately crispy and crackled to the touch of the fork, while the inside contrasted this texture with the moist, tender fish. Add coleslaw and the rich tartar sauce and you’re left wondering why anyone needs to be in England to enjoy such fare. The Blanco pizza was also a welcome delight. Thin crispy crust, smoldering white cheeses, lovely bites of shrimp and with the jalapeno peppers, a nice little kick. Delicious and you must take home your leftovers because what is better than leftover pizza the next day?

So whether you’re showing off waterfront San Diego to family, friends of if you just want to enjoy the timeless city yourself, Edgewater Grill presents many different facets of San Diego. You’ve got location, really comforting food, great drinks and the knock out view. The prices range in the $10 to $15 dollar range for most of the entrees. Add really friendly, fun servers and you are indeed set for a great day. Enjoy!

The Good – you are on the waterfront, it doesn’t get better than that.

The Bad – make sure you get your parking validated; it can get pricey in the Seaport Village lot.

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone: 619-232-7581
  • Name: Edgewater Grill
  • Address: 861 W. Harbor Drive