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Farm House Café

Words cannot describe the sheer joy of finding a new restaurant that just wows you on almost every level but since we are writers we’ll give it a try. The fabulous new restaurant we are referring to is Farm House Café in Normal Heights which features country style French cuisine. We had heard of the venue from a couple of friends of late and decided to give it a try. We are so glad that we did.

Upon approaching the humble facade you are immediately taken in by the diminutive size of the venue. Small is too big of a word even for this place. Farm House felt more like a family dining room than a restaurant. Now these may come across as negative sounding but it’s really not. The intimate setting makes for one of the coziest establishments we have been to in San Diego.

Chicken Liver Mousse

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Inside the door we waited to be seated and we were greeted by a host asking if we had a reservation. We responded that we did not, and looking about the small quarters there were plenty of tables available. He haughtily replied he would seat us anyway. We thought about leaving because immediate rudeness is not a good sign of things to come. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes later as the restaurant quickly filled to capacity with a line waiting outside that new realized, “guess this place gets kinda busy.” The energy of the venue was crackling. Smiling familiar faces greeting each other from table to table and bantering with the owners, Rochelle and Chef Olivier Bioteau, created a relative “Cheer’s” like quality. Heck we even bumped into some acquaintances’ unexpectedly.

The venue sports a simple décor (love all of the ducks along the walls). Simple wooden chairs and table tops fill the low-ceilinged room. They even use clothes pins to attach the menus. There is also seating at the small bar (where you can spy the chef at work in the kitchen beyond) and a small outside patio in the front.

We started off with a fine Sauvignon Blanc that set a nice tone for the evening. We then moved on to the starter dishes with the Chicken Liver Mousse (with pickled vegetables, Dijon mustard and toasted baguette) that had a brilliant flavor and came with a small shot of Sauterne wine to balance off with sweetness. Also made to order was the La Milpa Organic Farm 20 Lettuce Mixed Green Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Okay saying there are 20 types of lettuce in there is a bit of a reach (I counted) and the dressing was uninspiring.

Seared Sea-Scallops

House Made Fettuccine Moroccan

Spiced lamb Bolognese

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For our main dining we feasted on Seared Sea-Scallops (with chorizo risotto and chanterelle mushrooms) as well as the House Made Fettuccine Moroccan Spiced lamb Bolognese (with candied lemon zest and parmesiano reggianito). Okay, a complete slam dunk on both counts. The scallops were cooked to sheer perfection and the spicy chorizo risotto spiked up the dish immensely. The lamb pasta was rich, thick and just scrumptious. The lemon zest then took it to yet another level and the homemade pasta…..there are just not the words.

Ending the battle (that’s the one with our waistline) were a couple of fabulous desserts, the Pistachio Crème Brulee (with tuile aux amandes) and Café Pot De Crème (with Scottish Shortbread). Need we say, the French sure know how to do their desserts right. Both created interesting flavor combinations and were enchanting.

Farm House Café offers its guests a truly delightful evening filled with exquisite cuisine, a friendly, cozy atmosphere and all the makings of a great night. Prices are pretty much under $20 for most of the entrees with the starters and desserts mostly coming in under $10. Finally, take our advise and make a reservation, you may not be as lucky as we were in getting a table. Enjoy!

The Good – we can’t state it enough, the friendly vibe of the place is unmatched.

The Bad – don’t expect a private dining experience. You’re right there with the rest of the people.

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92116
  • Phone: 619-269-9662
  • Name: Farm House Cafe
  • Address: 2121 Adams Avenue