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Phil's BBQ

If you’re a longtime San Diegan, chances are you’ve heard of Phil’s BBQ (and if you haven’t, where have you been?). If you’re from out of town, then let us fill you in. Phil’s has been a staple in San Diego for over ten years and hands down has some of the best BBQ imaginable.

At Phil’s, you have a couple of options – eat in or take out – and they have two cordoned off lines to lead you on your way. Mind you, if you choose to eat in, be prepared for a line. Every time we have been to Phil’s there is always a stretch of hungry people waiting, sometimes halfway around the building. It’s not because it’s a small place, it’s because the food is so dang good!

Arriving at Phil’s the outside façade almost feels like you’ve come upon a ski chalet plopped in the middle of an aging retail district. Lots of thick heavy wood and stone make up the edifice of the establishment. Inside, endless tables and chairs are dwarfed by an imposing fireplace. Each table sports its own roll of paper towels and believe us, you’re gonna need them. The bar area is separated from the main dining area and you can enjoy a cocktail or the coldest draft beer in town - from their extensive selections of taps.

The menu itself is a cornucopia of BBQ delights. Phil’s has it all, rib dinners (your choice of full, half or quarter sizes) and be sure to tell them pork (baby back) or beef when ordering. They have chicken dinners (half or quarter sizes) in assorted or all white meat. The rib & chicken combos are great in case you can’t decide. Bring on the sides; fresh cut fries, sweet baked beans, fresh cole slaw, potato salad, fresh corn-on-the-cob, baked potato, steamed vegetables and the popular Colossal Onion Rings (fresh battered dipped). They also offer an assortment of burgers (turkey, garden veggie), chicken breast, BBQ Broham (pulled pork shoulder seasoned, char-grilled on a bed of cole slaw and topped with BBQ sauce) and the El Toro (deli sliced tri-tip char-grilled and topped with BBQ sauce). Salads on the menu are for the feint of heart, though we can’t imagine why anyone would want a salad with all of the scrumptious BBQ around.

BBQ is the bottom-line at Phil’s. The sauce is savory, sweet, smoky and amazingly delicious. The meat, be it the beef, pork ribs or chicken are slathered in the secret recipe sauces and tender beyond all hope. Clearly slow-cooked and handled with the utmost care, the meats are succulent and fall-off-the-bone tender. We’re ravenous just thinking about it. Whether you make San Diego your home or just a desired destination, make a trip to Phil’s BBQ and savor a feast fit for Elvis. Enjoy!

The Good – Simply the best comfort food BBQ you can imagine.

The Bad – We often order take-out by phone to save time, but they don’t start your order until you show up meaning unnecessary wait time. Then again, that’s how we know the beer is so cold!

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92110
  • Phone: 619-226-6333
  • Name: Phil's BBQ
  • Address: 3750 Sports Arena Blvd