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Terra Restaurant

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Sunday Brunch is typically a wonderful celebration of food and drink usually finding you meeting with friends for a leisurely afternoon. It’s a great excuse to have champagne in the morning. While there are numerous options to indulge delight in, we recently rediscovered Terra Restaurant to be a gem of a place and our favorite new brunch haunt.

Located in Hillcrest, Terra is a quaint, comfortable venue that delivers good eats at amazingly affordable prices. We have enjoyed Terra in the past for lunch and dinner but just happened to stumble upon their terrific Brunch menu and were so glad we did. Of course, anything that says “bottomless champagne and mimosas” is bound to catch your attention.

What is so nice about Terra is its very relaxed atmosphere. Upon entering you are greeted by a simple bar area with several tables for sipping a cocktail. Beyond the bar lie rows of booths, open tables and an appealing outdoor patio area. The décor is simple, almost like someone’s dining room. Our smiling, friendly server greeted us accordingly and immediately inquired if we would be partaking in a mimosa or two. Gotta love getting right to the point.

The brunch menu at Terra’s allows for many scrumptious opportunities. There are several varieties of pancakes and fruit pairings. There are numerous “scramble” egg dishes to whet your appetite, many with a Mexican flair of spices with rice and beans. Grab a sandwiches or salad if you’re leaning more towards lunch than breakfast. We settled on a little of both.

We indulged in the Chicken “Chorizo” Scramble (homemade chicken chorizo with sautéed onions & peppers, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and a flour tortilla), the Short Rib Hash and Eggs (mushrooms, two over easy eggs and rosemary hollandaise) and the Beef Sliders (Angus beef sliders, caramelized shallots, cambazola, cheese and truffle mayo).

The chicken chorizo was a delightfully animated dish with lots of color, texture and flavor. All of the ingredients were a wonderful chorus in a big serving of goodness. The Rib Hash was simply marvelous and brought out warm, back home memories of comfort food. You don’t find “hash” on many menus these days so it was a delightful treat. The sliders brought out all of that Angus beef charm. They embodied juicy flavor and were a feast to behold.

The great part about brunch at Terra is after you’ve finished savoring a really splendid, relaxed meal with a mimosa or three, you then get the bill. To go anywhere and have good food PLUS cocktails for under $35 for three people is unheard of. Most of the dishes are around $10. It just makes you want to come back again and again which is exactly what we plan to do. Brunch is served at Terra Restaurant Sunday’s between 10am and 2pm. Enjoy!

The Good – Gotta love the bottomless mimosas.

The Bad – because it is such a great value, you won’t rack up too many frequent flyer miles with the paying of the bill (we had to think of something).

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92103
  • Phone: 619-293-7088
  • Name: Terra Restaurant
  • Address: 3900 Vermont Street