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Beachin' Economy

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According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (say that 5 times fast); National income levels have dropped $34.4 Billion. And, according to what I recently heard on the news, there are over 6 million people currently collecting unemployment benefits from their respective states. I may be one of those 6 million people. And, to top it all off… OVER 17 PEOPLE HAVE THE SWINE FLU THROUGHOUT THE NATION!!! Quick, save yourselves before it becomes as bad as the regular flu. You know, the one that kills over 30,000 Americans per year!

So, with all of this economic turmoil, there must be a huge economic slump at the beach. I’m sure that surf shops are having fire sales and beach bars are serving up their last suds for the millennium. It’s probably gotten so bad at the beach in this slumping economy that even the “PB Millionaire” is shutting down production on his cheese ball reality show. [THERE REALLY IS A SHOW CALLED PB MILLIONAIREhttp://www.pbmillionaire.com/new_site/index.php – check it out, it’s pretty bad]

Seriously though, you wouldn’t know that there is that bad of an economy if you take a drive down to Carlsbad Villiage, Pacific Beach Pier, or Orange Avenue in Coronado. The bars still seem to be jumpin’ and, the tourists still seem to be meandering around like slightly retarded deer stuck in headlights.

However, I did talk to one high end surf/art shop the other day. Chris Rule, owner of Surf Indian – A high end surf boutique that showcases the shapes, photos and art of local and national surf talent www.SurfIndian.com , and he said it’s been pretty tough moving product. Chris is optimistic about it though. He is doing everything he can to make his business better, bigger and more profitable. And, that’s all you can do right now. I’m sure it makes it tough though when the business right next door to Chris is a bar and it always seems to be filled with jubilant unemployed frolickers.

Another associate of mine, AKA – A bar owner that gives me great deals on drinks, says the beach bar businesses are doing great. Why is that? How is that? How can there be over 6 million people on unemployment and the bars are still doing well? Not just doing well, but doing better than they typically do at this time of year prior to the Phoenix flood of 4x4 trucks and tilted hats?

History will show you that, in an economic downturn, the sale of alcohol, booze, hooch and sex not only increase, but prosper very well in comparison to most other industries. Go to the local smut peddler during your lunch hour and ask the heavily pierced cashier, or back room Mop Boy, how business is. I would assume, because I have never set foot in one of these places…ok, maybe once…or twice, but they will likely tell you that their business is doing pretty well. Take this - add in a beautiful beach town and a few hundred scantily dressed SDSU girls - and you have yourself beach recession.

Now, I am not trying to encourage anyone to go out and get a lap dance, chug a bottle of Rumplemintz (one of my favz), and get on stage at the 710 Beach Club in PB for a solo Karaoke performance of Crazy Bitch. However, if you were to do that, you would be accompanied by several other patrons sharing in the same economic uncertainties that you are.

My grandfather, a retired Navy fighter pilot and retired executive of Morgan Stanley Dean Whittier, told me, before he recently passed away, that the worst part about the current economic situation is that it is OUR BAD ECONOMIC SITUATION. What he meant was that we have had 13+ economic “recessions” in the history of our country and the one we have right now is worse than most of them.

Hopefully, you do not read this and think that I am downplaying the current economic situation that we have in our nation. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bad and it could get worse. However, just remember that no matter how bad it gets, we are a nation that has come back from much worse slumps. Granted, the previous one didn’t have computers or failing 100 year old companies.

Don’t worry about the beach. It will always be there… Well, unless California falls off into the ocean. That’s not so bad though. WAIT!!! Hurry get down to the beach and support your local bar, surf shop and smut peddlers before we fall off into the ocean with Swine Flu.

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