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Fine Dining In La Jolla

Vigilucci’s Seafood, Steak and Chop House is nestled in the beautiful La Jolla cove and Main Street, just 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego. Amazing views, boutique shops and passer-bys abound. Such a great place to visit and even better place to enjoy fine dining at the numerous restaurants and that distinctly includes Vigilucci’s.

A visit to Vigilucci’s begins with an escort service. Get your mind out of the gutter, we mean the friendly valet that greets you at the bottom of the escalator that will whisk you up to the second floor dwelling of Vigilucci’s. Not only does he greet guests but he escorts them upstairs, opening the door and letting you into the marvel that is Vigilucci’s.

Upon entering one is instantly impressed with the nice crowd of gatherers enjoying the Happy Hour (weekdays’ from 4-7pm) with its house specials, like $5 glasses of wine and ½ price beers, and easy-going nature. Also impressing the senses was the luxurious décor and setting. A grand bar is situated in the center of the lounge area while bar itself radiated light through its granite cover – just beautiful. Striking light fixtures basked the interior with a combination of dim brilliance and stunning art. The entire venue exuded a comforting vibe with perfectly pitched background music helping you melt the day away. .

As one is led to away with the host, options of booths and tables beckon but it’s highly recommend to take a seat on the outside patio, whether it’s cool out or not as they offer space heaters if there is a chill in the air. The tables are well spread out so private conversation is just that – private. The view of Prospect Street is a pleasure to watch. The second floor is just high to give one a full view of the busy street, yet close enough to capture the parading passerby’s down below. A whiff of ocean air surrounds the patio, always reminiscent that the ocean is just minutes away.

As your gaze sweeps the patio, impeccably clad staff twist and turn in an orchestra of friendly service and gracious conversations. Crisp white shirts and stark black pants adorn the informative servers, with delightful black bow-ties capping the look. Italian language ebbed in and out of greetings, menu explanations and gentle banter – clearly one is among natives here. This was solidified when playful arguments of what region of Italy each were from brings you in to their whimsical culture and pride.

For starters our server highly recommended the Antipasto della Casa (Calamari fritti, caprese, ahi bruschetta, prosciutto di Parma, salame and imported cheese) which was a winner. What is so unique about it are the compliments of flavor, texture and heat. You stroll through the breaded, warmed calamari to the room temperature ahi bruschetta, prosciutto, salame and cheese then topped off with cool, crisp red grapes. It was a palette pleaser and cleanser. Just remarkable. A couple of well orchestrated Ceaser salads followed with fresh, shaved Parmesan cheese to cleanse the palette.

We then moved on the robust Pappardelle con Funghi Porcini e Capesante (wide ribbon pasta with porcini, shiitake, Portobello, field mushrooms and pan seared scallops in a white truffle and brandy cream sauce) that was such a beautiful dish, to admire, to feast on and enjoy. The orchestra of mushrooms had the dish in a crescendo of a comfort, Earth realm especially when coincided with the stimulating truffle. The pasta brought it all back down to Earth and created a dish that we could live off of. Although the act that followed had us wanting more as the classic Cioppino (fresh seasonal mussels, manila clams, shrimp, calamari, fresh fish, scallops and fresh water langostino, all sautéed with roasted garlic in a zesty tomato sauce) graced our presence. All we can say is Vigilucci’s did us right. The mixture of the seafood elements hit the right chord and the delectable sauce was that perfect must-dip-your-bread-in consistency. Hmm, maybe we could live on this forever instead. So many choices.

If you can believe it, we tread on into more ingratiating territory with the savory Prime Petit Filet Mignon (at least we went petite) that was extremely tender and flavorful. The dish brought out all of the richness that you want in a fine cut of beef and could not have been better prepared. Ending our debauchery was the item we had been eyeing all night and that was the Spiedini ala Griglia (grilled Italian sausage, chicken, pork, filet mignon, N.Y. steak and vegetables on skewers, finished with a rosemary and sage sauce) that had us reeling in our seats. How can you say no to all of those different presentations of meat. It covered the entire gauntlet of protein and more. Some of the cuts were a tad overdone but we were forewarned of this due to the nature of the different meats and their normal cooking preparations. It was arguably quite the showstopper!

Like all of this wasn’t enough to satiate us, yes, we ordered dessert (what can we say, we’re pushovers), so we devoured the fresh, crisp gelato with seasonal berries and the heavier Lava cake (with ice cream) that while seemingly has been done to death, Vigilucci’s made it their own. How they got the cake to be so moist, the interior chocolate so rich is beyond us. That’s’ why we’re not pastry chefs and just admirers of those who can, and they did.

Vigilucci’s makes no stops at making sure your experience there is one to remember. The presentations were spot on; the service was naturally friendly, informative and engaging. The food, well, what can we say, amazing doesn’t cover it. Prices are very reasonable and they also cater to banquet events with an all-inclusive back room that would make any event feel like kings. Enjoy!

The good – great ambiance, great service, great location

The bad – parking in La Jolla is always an issue

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  • City: La Jolla
  • Phone: 858-454-9664
  • Name: Vigilucci's
  • Address: 909 Prospect Street