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Corvette Diner Gamers Garage

The saying goes “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. Well in the case of the newly relocated and envisioned Corvette Diner, change is good! The long time local iconic joint moved from its home in Hillcrest to spacious new digs in Historic Liberty Station. With a huge increase in size, offerings and fun stuff to do, the new venue can keep you and your family entertained for hours on end. The newly dubbed Corvette Diner Gamers Garage expanded on its original concept and has risen to new heights.

Ready To Greet You

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The entire new space is sectioned off into different dining areas. The main dining area formally called the “Regal Room” is now loaded with spacious 1950’s style booths. Vintage cars abound and there is still plenty of room for the servers to break into song and dance when the mood hits, which is often. Next up is the “Dining Car” which is just as the name states, an area made to look like you are in an actual dining car on a train careening through America. There are even mock window portals that are actually large screen TV’s showing video of the landscape flashing by just as if you were on a real train. Sometimes they even play vintage and classic Hollywood films just to stir it up. Very cool.

Across the way is the aptly named “Groovy Room” with its day-glow lighting. Be sure to wear white when you go so you too can glow in the dark. 1960’s posters decorate the ceiling (all glowing) and be sure to check out the dining table tops. Warm up your hands and then lay them flat on the table for a few seconds. Lift and see your hand impression linger for awhile. Far out! Next door is the “Corvette Room” decorated by the local Corvette Club full of authentic memorabilia and cool gadgets. Lastly, there is the “Galaxy Grill Room” for private parties and functions. Choose your room and start your engines!

Regal Room

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The brilliant soda fountain mixes up your favorite shakes. 25 of them are now available in every possible concoction from Elvis’s peanut butter and banana to pomegranate. Plus the new Corvette now has a full bar and extensive wine list (helps keep the adults happy while the kids are sipping their favorite shake).

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the Corvette Diner Gamers Garage is called that for a reason. Walk down the long hallway off the main entrance and you enter kiddie Valhala, an Arcade with over 50 fun filled games to ring your bell no matter your age. Another cool notion is the old tickets that most arcades have you collect and save (very ungreen) to redeem for cool stuff has been replaced with cards that keep track of your winnings. They have really thought of everything at the new Corvette.

Gamer's Room

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With all of these new facilities and fanfare even the food has been reimagined. The usual fan favorites like Boneless Dinosaur Wings (yumm), Chili Cheez Waffle Fries (double yumm), Blues Brothers Burger (delish), Ike & Tina Turner Melt (zesty) and Hawaii 5-0 (chicken sandwich with an Hawaiian twist) have been made healthier. Yes you read that correctly. They now use Panko crumbs to bread their dishes and it is done on site. The meat for all sorts of delights has been upgraded and their salads have come into their own like the Gidgets Greek Salad (full of flavor) or the Santa Fe Salad (very south of the border).

The newly designed and executed Corvette Diner Gamers Garage has been reinvented flawlessly. There is more to eat, more to view and more to play. It is not only a great diner, but a destination to hang out and mix it up with some arcade games. Corvette Diner Gamers Garage is the place to be. Enjoy!

The Good: Great job on the new version and its many new features

The bad: Be prepared, it can get loud in here

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-542-1476
  • Name: Corvette Diner Gamers Garage
  • Address: 2965 Decatur Road