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Blue Point Coastal Cuisine

Salmon Tartare
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Blue Point Coastal Cuisine is one of those iconic restaurants with a great reputation for fab food and a great atmosphere. Why it has taken so long to pay Blue Point a visit is beyond thinking. Prominently located on the corner of Fifth and Market, the large windows allow passerby’s to take a gander at what’s cooking inside. Stop looking and head on in for a wonderful experience.

An aquarium behind the hostess stand greets customers reminding you that you are indeed at a seafood restaurant. Blue Point has a cool art deco design with sprawling pieces of artwork and murals to welcome the soul. Grand, comfortable booths invite the body to take a seat. Huge circular lamps bathe the venue with a soft glow as jazz and big band music murmurs in the background.

An immense bar is situated to one side tempting all with its varieties of cocktail’s and you gotta love the big screen TV‘s above the bar showcasing underwater scenes of flora and fauna. Yet another subtle way to keep the theme intact. Almost the second you sit down a beautiful spoon of Salmon Tartare arrives for all members at the table. What a great way to greet a guest!

When dining at Blue Point, seafood better be on the mind as there is a bounty of delights to entice everyone. There are also chicken, pork, lamb and steaks if you must. While looking at the menu be sure to sample one of Blue Points signature martini’s offered in a wide array of varieties whether your palette prefers sour or sweet ($12). Selecting from the Oyster Bar is a great way to kick off the evening and a perfect match for one of those martinis. The Assorted Oysters (on the half shell with three mignonettes, $15) are incredibly fresh and tasty treats. The sauces were zesty-to-spicy and extremely enjoyable to savor.

Great bread arrived with Caesar salads (baby romaine, garlic crostini and shaved parmigiano-reggiano, $9) along with their Famous Lobster Bisque (with port and rosemary, $12). The fun large crostini in the salad made for a welcome edible garnish and generous shavings of cheese embellished the salad. The lobster bisque while enjoyable was lacking in flavor that even salt and pepper didn’t liven it up.

Dayboat Scallops
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Entrées of Citrus Marinated Swordfish (with smoked potato puree, roasted summer corn, white peaches and port vanilla bean cherry compote, $29) and Pan Seared Dayboat Scallops (with goat cheese and portabella ravioli, caramelized shallot herb sauce, $35) continued to deliver the goods. The swordfish was completely complimented by the sweet components of the dish, which was needed as the fish was a tad overcooked. The scallops on the other hand were perfectly prepared and the sauces took the dish to the next level. The ravioli was another welcome flavor sensation to the plate.

We tried to resist dessert but after mentioning the swordfish was a bit dry, we were soon bestowed with a decadent tray of treats. The threesome included the classic crème brulee (good but nothing special), a trio of sorbet flavors that were refreshing and smooth, and a white chocolate foam cake. The cake was a homerun and one of the best desserts we’ve had.

Citrus Swordfish
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The service at Blue Point was an interesting bag of nuts. At first the server was absolutely dead on perfect and halfway through the meal comments were made of how well versed and very attentive she was. After the meals, we were handed dessert menus and went unnoticed for a good fifteen minutes. When the meal is done, so are you and waiting for the next fly-by is not a good test of patience. In their defense, the restaurant did get brutally busy all of the sudden but that shouldn’t deter from any diner’s experience.

An evening at Blue Point can be a little pricey so be prepared to lay down a few bucks. The meal was indeed enjoyable and the atmosphere was relaxed and delightful. The music was at just the right pitch so that one could actually have a private conversation without having to shout. If you haven’t been to Blue Point Coastal Cuisine then it’s time you gave it a whirl. Enjoy!

The good – great vibe to the restaurant. A real classic

The bad – bad experience with server which started out so awesome and then fell flat

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-233-6623
  • Name: Blue Point Coastal Cuisine
  • Address: 565 Fifth Ave