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Jack & Giulio's Italian Restaurant

Jack & Giulio's Italian Restaurant
Jack & Giulio's Italian Restaurant
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Jack & Giulio’s is that perfect piece of Italy that somehow found itself in the Mexican food laden area of Old Town. The restaurant is a San Diego staple dating back to1961. Formerly known as Guilio’s of Pacific Beach, they have the distinction of serving the “best Scampi” since that time. And we heartily agree with that!

Walking into Jack & Giulio’s one immediately feels the comfort of a restaurant with no pretention. No sign bearing the familiar “Please Wait to Be Seated” affronts you; instead one of the servers simply greets you while in the flow of their duties and casually escorts you to a table. We tend to like the booths.

The décor of Jack & Giulio’s is simple and uncontrived. The outside courtyard is probably larger than its interior counterpart. Ripe with flora literally draping over the walls, the courtyard is a charming place to enjoy a delicious meal. Inside varying hues of red graces the tables and accompanying chairs. Jack & Giulio’s has that old school, old style look and there ain’t anything wrong with that!

The menu contains many choices and ever present amongst them is pasta, pasta, pasta, in every shape, size and compliment. Jack & Giulio’s also has a signature menu page featuring delectable time-tested dishes that are literally 50 year old fan favorites.

House-made Minestrone soup ($4.95) easily warmed up the soul with its bowl full of perfectly sized morsels that danced on the palette. The simple bread was soft, fresh and great for dipping, either in the olive oil, balsamic vinegar combo or in the soup itself.

Our lunch selections (they have a special lunch menu) arrived with little fanfare but all taste. A simply delightful Caprese Panini with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and basil made for a brilliant (and guilt free) dish and felt like a salad on a bun ($8.95). The flavors popped in your mouth and there was plenty requiring a doggie bag for future savoring.

Digging deeper into the Italian fare the classic Spaghetti and Meatballs easily satiated these pasta crazies like a pro. You could almost feel the impressions from skilled hands molding the meatballs into their characteristic shapes ($15.95). As you cut through them, they fell apart and drowned in the tantalizing pasta and sauce.

The showstopper of the meal undoubtedly was the Scampi Alla Giulio’s featuring a bounty of butterflied sautéed shrimp and mushrooms in white wine ($24.95). This also is accompanied with pasta or the veggie of the day. Jack & Giulio’s has earned countless accolades for their scampi dish and after eating every last bite, we understand why. The presentation itself brought “ooh’s and aah’s” from the table. The monster sized scampi were extremely succulent and the mushrooms and sauce made for a fine tasting, completely satisfying dish.

Jack & Giulio’s was a lovely experience incorporating conversation, laughter and really good eats. What a great way to break-up a workday! Dinner is even more fab. Prices were surprisingly a little steep ($80+ for lunch for three with no wine?) but we unanimously voted we would come back in a heartbeat. Jack & Giulio’s has the heart and soul of well prepared Italian fare that will certainly have you clamoring for more. Enjoy!

The good – traditional brilliant Italian fare. The scampi is on our all-time favorite list.

The bad – a little on the pricey side for a quaint little restaurant. Parking is a little tough too and we got a ticket for hanging three inches into a driveway. Whatever…


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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-294-2074
  • Name: Jack & Giulio's Italian Restaurant
  • Address: 2391 San Diego Ave