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Cupcake Squared

Cupcakes Squared
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Just when you thought the cupcake trend had gone stale, a Point Loma bakery has reinvented the tasty treat. Welcome to Cupcake Squared, home of the revolutionary new square cupcake.

The square cupcake was conceived by Robin Ross Wisotsky, a Los Angeles native. While attending college, where she was a graphic arts major, Wisofsky worked as a caterer and personal chef. Later, when the mother of two was looking to start her own business, she hit upon the square idea.

The current cupcake obsession in America dates back to the year 2000, and more particularly to Season Three, Episode Five of…Sex and the City. During the now-historic moment, Carrie Bradshaw bites into a scrumptious, pink-frosted cupcake from The Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street. Cupcakes caught on.

Wisotsky’s own vision began with the name. In her mind, square cupcakes seemed a natural. The only problem was finding square pans and square wrappers. To design the wrappers, she worked with the world’s premier cupcake wrapper/exporter in New Jersey. Her revolutionary square pans, which she refuses to discuss on the record, are manufactured at a secret facility in San Diego.

“The square design is not only original but practical," says Wisotsky. "The cupcakes transport well because they’re not top heavy, so they don’t fall over.”

Most important was the recipe. Wisotsky combed through family favorites, taking pains to remove as much sugar as possible, refining along the way for healthy alternatives. She uses only canola oil. There are no preservatives. Everything is baked fresh daily. The scrumptious butter cream frosting that tops most of her cupcakes is made with Plugra, a European whipped butter.

Cupcake Squared offers the traditional flavors--chocolate, vanilla, mocha, lemon--as well as the house specials lilikoi (vanilla with passion fruit), pumpkin pecan and pistachio pomegranate. All the cupcakes are available in a mini-size.

Wisotsky also makes square cupcake wedding cakes, constructed of individual cupcakes. She says she has orders booked through spring 2010. During Comic Con, Cupcake Squared supplied up to 200 cupcakes a day to Warner Bros. Transformers star Megan Fox was reportedly charmed by the squares.

According to Cupcakes Take the Cake, a Web site for enthusiasts, whether they’re square or round, mini or regular, fancy or traditional, everyone loves a cupcake. “The erotic allure of cupcakes is in the eye of the beholder," writes blogger Rachel Kramer Bussel. "They can morph from innocent delight into weapon of seduction all with the twinkle of an eye.”

Wisotsky has a more practical take: “Cupcakes are an affordable luxury. People who may not have the extra money to spend on travel or a new car will splurge on dessert.” Most of the offerings at Cupcake Squared cost about $3. All unsold wares are given free each day to the San Diego Mission.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-226-3485
  • Name: Cupcake Squared
  • Address: 3772 Voltaire Street