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333 Pacific

Vodka Lounge
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Well the Cohn Restaurant Group has done it again. Creators of local favorites like Island Prime, Corvette Diner, Gaslamp Strip Club, Kemo Sabe and so many more, now add 333 Pacific to the top of their list. Located on the North side of the Oceanside pier (at the end of Mission in the new Wyndam Hotel), 333 Pacific has brought Oceanside a much needed high-end dining venue to wine and dine all takers.

Entering the open architecture of the establishment, the full breadth of the restaurant hits you full force. Two very sexy, blue under lit bar tables captivate your attention, with casual drinkers basking in the glow, only to be upstaged by the literal wall of vodka selections adoring the back of the bar. That would be over 140 varieties of vodkas from around the world in every shape and size. You can actually walk in front of them between the bar and the vodka wall where temptation to reach out and sneak a taste is almost overwhelming. Makes you feel a bit like Patsy from” Absolutely Fabulous”. Clearly they are hoping the angel on your shoulder beats out the frisky devil. The bar itself also commands your attention as it strains from almost end to end of the central area. The rest of 333 Pacific breaks up into sections of tables at different levels, allowing all takers a view of the ocean view through its walls of glass. Hit the place near dusk and succumb to brilliant sunsets (no extra charge). Outside dining is also available if the spirit moves you.

The kitchen, while off to the right is never really gone from sight. The constant activity catches your eye while the hustle and bustle holds promises of great things to come. Steak and seafood dominate the menu yet there is a bounty of selections to meet anyone’s taste (uuber talented Chef Deborah Scott had her hands in many of the delectable dishes, can anyone say Steak Trio?).

Whether partakers of martini’s or not, give 333 Pacific a whirl and indulge a little. The selections range from sour to sweet and you get to pick which vodka you’d like to rev up the beverage. We tried special Vodka from the Hawaiian Islands themselves, highly recommended by none other than David Cohn himself. Hey, who are we to argue? Even the glasses the martinis are served in are works of art with the stem gracefully curved for just the right balance. No spilled Vodka here!

While libations are always a guilty pleasure, it was the food that intrigued this adventurous band to make the drive from downtown San Diego. Sweet potato scallion bread adorned the table with a maple-spiced butter turning a customary “must have bread on table” shtick into a flavorful welcome surprise. Entrees consisted of oven roasted rack of lamb ($39.95) with a mustard crust accompanied with sweet potato gratin and asparagus and bleu cheese crusted Kobe beef meatloaf ($22.50) with seasonal mashed potatoes and grilled green beans. The lamb was in itself a succulent piece of heaven, tender, amazingly seasoned and a delight to feast upon. The potato gratin was crisp and scrumptious. The meatloaf was a down-home goodness concoction of savory triumphs including a tangy blue cheese layering. A little sweet and a little sharp in every bite. The mashed potatoes added that perfect complement to the savory “meat & potato” dish.

Dining Area
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Desserts were a plentiful but we gotta recommend the perfectly tart Key Lime Pie that literally stretched itself across the plate. The only measurement needed for taste is, “yum”.

333 Pacific has thrown down the gauntlet for all takers. As the saying goes, “if you build it, they will come” and go you should, whether a North County resident or not. You can never have too much delicious food, in a sparkling venue with an amazing view. 333 Pacific brings all that and more to their guests. Add great service and reasonable prices and you have a dining experience that will be one remembered for quite some time. Don’t miss 333 for lunch either. It’s a killer place to take a client or enjoy time with old friends. We’ve had several business luncheons with people from the OC who met us halfway. Nice to have a place like 333 to recommend after nothing there for eons. Enjoy!

The good – spectacular waterfront location and design

The bad – it’s in Oceanside so it could be a drive depending upon where you’re coming from

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  • City: Oceanside
  • Phone: 760-433-3333
  • Name: 333 Pacific
  • Address: 333 N. Pacific Street