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Adobe El Restorante

Delicious Halibut
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Adobe El Restaurante in the luxurious Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa is just the kind of restaurant you would expect from a well-seasoned establishment. Sophistication, great service and fine cuisine, Adobe El Restaurante hit on all marks. What a fabulous place to enjoy a private and relaxing lunch or dinner.

Sequestered amongst the grounds of Estancia, Adobe is actually as unpretentious as they come. No extravagant décor or over-the-top design here. Instead you get a simple, elegant soft-spoken restaurant that doesn’t need to be showy. It does that with its food and a well-tuned staff.

A crisp Spanish theme encompasses the dining room with uncomplicated wood furniture adorned with leather place mats (unexpected and cool). The walls are muted and non-distinct with subtle artwork accenting the room without overwhelming it. Don’t get us wrong; the venue shines with simplistic style. The bar is situated across a hall that keeping the diners gnoshing and the bar patrons imbibing. These groups can have very different decibel levels and the separation is welcome.

Weather permitting (which it usually does in SD) take advantage of the outside patio. Even the dining room benefits from the openness with its expansive doorways inviting the fresh breeze to spill in. The patio is a second story up offering a beautiful view of the stunningly landscaped grounds.

A delicious sampling of breads with three different tapenades begins the experience. Already lunch was off to a fabulous start and the Maytag Bleu Cheese tapenade is one for the books. The soup du jour was a creamy Asparagus delight enjoyed by all. The halibut served with oysters of a bed of potatoes ($22) was well prepared and including oysters made for a playful dish. The potatoes were a tad overdone but didn’t impede the otherwise delicious dish.

Staple item, the lobster Cobb was a show-stopper and a must-try with smoked bacon, maytag blue cheese, egg, teardrop tomato, watercress, baby iceberg and avocado cilantro goddess dressing ($19). The salad itself was huge and garnished with very generous sized portions of lobster, claws skillfully intact. This was not the usual skimpy lobster tease salad as plentiful crustaceans were front and center along with healthy portions of everything promised. The dressing was good, but a tad heavy making the dish a little soupy; a pretty basic thing for a kitchen to avoid.

Lobster Cobb
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The Southwest chicken ravioli served with sweet corn, black bean salsa, cilantro salad and cotija cheese ($16). When placed on the table our initial reaction was “is that all there is?” as the dish was fairly miniscule. But once delving into its components it was amazingly filling and the portion was just right (okay honestly it was so good we would’ve welcomed more). The blend of seasonings and textures made it a whimsical dish and such a departure from the traditional ravioli. It was almost more of a soup than a pasta dish.

Southwest Chicken Ravioli
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Adobe El Restaurante exhibited professional yet personal service making the dining experience fun, easy and drama free. Our server entertained us with her immensely engaging repertoire throughout our visit. New chef Tim Ralphs stopped by to say hello and share his vision since the leaving the Leow’s Coronado. He is still tweaking the menu so who knows what inventive treats await. Adobe El Restaurante has all the elements for an exquisite time at fine location. Enjoy!

The good – Sit on the patio for a beautiful landscape backdrop. Lovely menu selection.

The bad – Dressing on the Cobb was way too much, ask for it on the side. Overall the resort is a little sparse like their still waiting for some furniture to arrive.

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  • City: La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Phone: 858-550-1100
  • Name: Adobe El Restauante
  • Address: 9700 N. Torrey Pines Road