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Amelia is the type of bio-pic I really look forward to. That's because all I really know about this aviator (note to self: find out if a female pilot is called something else, like aviatress). I know she disappeared while flying over the Pacific in 1937, attempting to fly around the world (gee…and I can't drive to Vegas with a woman that doesn't want to stop four or five times to go to the bathroom).

Although, I was wondering why this movie didn't delve more into the marriage problems, the World Wars, the Great Depression, and other historical moments. I'm guessing the filmmakers thought it would bog things down, but the slow pacing of this picture could've used more of that.

Director Mira Nair did The Namesake in 2006, a movie that had a great first half, and a horrible second half. In 2001, she did Monsoon Wedding, an Indian picture I absolutely loved.

Hilary Swank, a usually reliable actress, doesn't pull it off here. She struggles with the voice (it reminds me of Kevin Costner trying to do Robin Hood with a British accent).

Ewan McGregor does a decent job, but I don't care for Richard Gere in his role. He brings to much into baggage claim.

And, to stick with the airport puns…this movie just never takes off (that line was to easy).

I'm giving it a D+, for some nice cinematography.